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Lead up to game day

All Black fly-half Dan Carter talks about his game day lead up and recovery process following a test match.

Leading from the front

Building a team around good leaders is not a guarantee of success but it sure does help.

The magic of match day was to make myself disappear

Graham Henry reveals the priorities of a coach in preparing his side ahead of a big match.

Richie McCaw: Dont forget your strengths...

The worlds best openside flanker Richie McCaw explains why it is important for rugby players to spend time focusing on their strengths and not getting lost in their perceived weaknesses. He then identifies the 4 key skills of a loose forward; tackling, clearing out rucks, putting pressure on the opposition breakdown and running with the ball. Explaining how in times of need he goes back to the fundamentals to get back in the game.

Team Care

Graham Henry says Stuart Lancaster needs to take the England players with him and a big stick approach will fail England must look no further ahead than Murrayfield.

Finding the Natural Weakness

People have been kind enough to say that the All Blacks scored a few tries at this World Cup through analysing and exploiting weaknesses. Maybe that is true but, so long as coaches realise that rugby is a simple game and don’t try to complicate things, we can all share in these successes.

My most important lesson

People ask me what is the most important lesson I have learned as a coach. After a World Cup win, 143 test matches and 37 consecutive years in charge of a team, you would hope that I have an answer by now… I do.

The Four Basics

In this short video by All Black Captain Richie McCaw he describes the four simple things he thinks he needs to do well to be a good rugby player…


Language changes over time and one of the new buzz words in the All Blacks coaching set-up is ‘alignment’. Once upon a time if you had talked about alignment in rugby Dan Carter might have asked if you wanted him to stand flat or drop into the pocket. But in 2011 ‘alignment’ is about making sure the coaches, captain, leadership group and players are all headed in the same direction…


There is no point in trying to be a captain if you are not worth your place in the side. Maybe once a century, someone in some sport defies the convention. England once had a cricket captain called Mike Brearley who was not the world’s greatest opening bat but who had a mind like Plato. He was a successful leader..