Kicking articles

Kicking in all forms is playing an increasing role in the game.

We have it covered for you with kicking skills and tactics videos for all types of kicking at all levels of the game from some of the game's most successful kickers including Dan Carter, Leigh Halfpenny, Valentin Cruz, Bryce Shearer, Hamish Webb and others.

Plus we have categorised them by playing level to make it easier for you to find:

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  • HS – high school
  • A – adult
  • All – suitable for all levels

How to take your kicking game on an upward spiral

At the level of individual technique, some ‘amateur’ techniques which still give added value have been prematurely discarded in the professional game. Analyst Nick Bishop looks at how in the hands of an experienced operator, the spiral punt can still be an effective attack option.

Can the new trial kicking laws add value to the game?

The pith of the new trial laws is to reduce the impact of defensive line-speed and the number of bodies in the defensive line, by increasing the value of the kicking game to the attacking side. Analyst Nick Bishop looks at how effective they are proving in this year’s Super Rugby.

Where is the sweet spot for the box kick?

In most instances the touchline is usually the defence’s best friend’. However, as Nick Bishop points out there are specific situations where the touch-line is most definitely not the defence’s friend. Most of these are connected with the kicking game especially the box kicking game off number 9 (a common feature of exit strategy in the modern game).

Kicking - Using the box kick

There is plenty to consider to ensure the success of the Box Kick as an attacking strategy as Ellis-Rugby’s Dave Ellis illustrates with Conor Murray one of the world’s best.

Kicking and what Role it Plays

As widely predicted, the RWC kicked off at the weekend and kicking played a key role for many teams both in their attack and defence strategies.

Analyst Dave Ellis from Ellis Rugby looks at the different forms of kicking and why teams use them.

Is the spiral kick becoming a rarity?

Murray Kinsella recently spoke to Ronan O’Gara about the spiral kick, O’Gara “actually woke up the other night thinking about it. Who’s spiralling the ball now?” Is the spiral kick option becoming a rarity in the game with players not having the confidence to execute the skill under pressure?

Risk and reward of restarts

Restarts are commonly sent long with that the expectation the opposition will clear the ball. Here Murray Kinsella analyses the risks and rewards of the short restart strategy

The art of the kick in behind

Jonny Sexton and Ireland tried to exploit England’s rush defence by kicking in behind. Unfortunately for the Irish, Sexton lacked the kind of precision that Aaron Cruden showed against them in November.

Kicking Clever

The All Blacks’ have developed kicking skills throughout their backline which allow them to exploit any space or mismatch. Mark Reason discusses how Rugby League’s influence is setting the standard the ABs are following faster than any other union side.

The worlds best goal kicker...

During Saturday nights Lions vs Wallabies test, former Wallaby turned commentator Phil Kearns made the comment…