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We selected a number of your questions for Sir Graham to answer:

1. Chris – USA
’When coaching less experienced players what is the most important aspect of game play to focus on for all positions? If a few players are more experienced than others is it best to develop a game plan around them? And what sort of game plan would you suggest?"

2. Gerhard Coetzee – South Africa
“Do you stick to your game plan and try and enforce it on your oponents or do you also change the gameplan accordingly as the match progress depending on how succesfull it is working.”

3.Glen Wallace – Canada
“When working with younger athletes (17 years and younger), defensive organization can be challenging. Could you pass along 3 “keys” that you found fundamental to defensive organization at all levels of the game and were easily understood and implemented by younger players?"

4.Kent Harris – New Zealand
“When dealing with young players who are talented but slightly arrogant and a little disruptive to the team culture, it is suggested by a few that you give them leadership responsibilities in order to contain and mature them. Do you buy into this theory, or is it a recipe for disaster? I keep in mind it can change on an individual basis”

5. Luis Traba – Argentina
“How do you train the concentration of the players?That would give me tips to transmit to the coaches of youth teams?”

6. Nicholas Jones – New Zealand
“Hello Sir Ted, Have you seen any new or interesting trends taking form in this year’s first two rounds of super rugby that might have influence on strategies in test match rugby? Thanks very much.”

7. Quentin Ho – Australia
“The concept of game shape always fascinates me. A NZ team in particular love to play to width ( 5m touch line) and then come back to the middle of the field. From there they either go to the back ( same way attack). Sir Ted, could you kindly go through a few a game shape trends and what form have the ABs used under your management. Thank you once again for giving members a golden opportunity to ask you questions and to tap into your rugby coaching wisdom and experience. God bless Sir Henry.”

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Sir Graham Henry (Ted) is a New Zealand rugby union coach, and former head coach of the country's national team, the All Blacks. Ted is one of the most successful coaches to have ever coached the All Blacks.

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