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UK Schools Coaching Clinics with Scott Waldrom

Watch UK Schools Coaching Clinics to help your game!

Part 1. Eton Manor RFC, Station #1 - Tackle   9:47 Free video

Watch the first module in this coaching clinic series with Jordan Ainslie, England 7s squad member. Jordan will cover tackle in this free to view video – enjoy!


Part 2. Eton Manor RFC, Station #2 - Contact & Cleanout 9:35 Member content

In session 2 of our Eton Manor clinic, Bristol player Junior Fatialofa takes the juniors through a contact and clean out session. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Eton Manor RFC, Station #3 - Catch & Pass 6:34 Member content

This series is a great way for coaching large groups of juniors within clubs. Kids together having fun and learning correct safe technique.

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Part 4. Eton Manor RFC, Station #4 - Winning Ruck Ball 6:54 Member content

Watch Oskar in the forth video of this series demonstrate rucking and how to win space over the ball. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 32:10
Topics Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

je suis surpris des outils techniques de lutte avec des jeunes qui seront sanctionnés dans le jeu ? sécurité du joueur? règlements ?


On the winning ruck ball, teaching an arm around the neck and collapsing an arm then ‘putting all your weight on it’ is probably one of the most dangerous things I’ve seen taught, lol!


Winning Ruck Ball – I would be really wary of coaching kids to clear out by grabbing an elbow and pulling under the body – easiest way to dislocate or break arms


Well. Can of worms. But here goes. Are the RFU Regulations sufficient for the development of the modern game? In Judo (son) and Gymnastics and Ballet (wife, daughter) Tutors (Coaches) are governed in the way they can physically contact under 17 years old. We have regulations to prevent harm. But are they sensible enough to prevent later harm by not fully showing/demonstrating/understanding of correct technique? Some great tips and progressions in the content.


loser should start first not the winner, you lose you win!


the progression from de pad to the tube is perfect


As per RFU regulations, adult coaches should not: - Participate, even when demonstrating, in contact on or with a player who is under 17; - Hold a pad for a player to make contact with or make contact with a pad held by a player who is under 17; - Participate, even when demonstrating, in scrummage technique against a player who is under 17; - Participate, even when demonstrating, in “lifting” of a player in a lineout who is under 17; or - Participate, even when demonstrating, in a ruck/maul technique on or with a player who is under 17


Great video covering the tackling fundamentals, well explained. look forward to more sessions from Ainslie

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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