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Training Indoors - HS and A with Ben Herring

When faced with a wet day outside and playing pitches closed, these are great indoor drills with players learning new skills and having some fun.

Part 1. Tackle Grip Detail - Indoor Training   8:51 Member content

As Ben explains, faced with a wet day outside and playing pitches closed, these are great indoor drills with players learning new skills and having some fun. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Tackle Shoulder On - Indoor Training 7:42 Member content

Ben and his Otago players have some fun with some drills to get a better shoulder into the tackle. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Tackle Leg Drive - Indoor Training 10:21 Member content

Ben and his players make good use of their indoor time by having fun working on their Tackle Leg Drive. Enjoy!

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Part 4. Mechanics of the Cat Flap Offload 7:44 Member content

In this video, Ryan has created a drill to help players develop their ‘out the back’ offload he calls ‘Cat Flap’ to create a ‘triple threat’ for their attack. Enjoy!

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Part 5. The Cat Flap Offload - Drilling it out 5:39 Member content

In this video, Ryan is adding layers of complexity to make the execution game ‘speed’. Enjoy!

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Part 6. Testing the Cat Flap Offload Under Pressure 3:35 Member content

In this video, Ryan puts the Cat Flap into a competitive game situation to test the player skill execution under pressure. Enjoy!

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Part 7. Offload Basics 2:35 Member content

Offloading is now a big part of any rugby attack plan.
But how do you teach an offload? Where do you start?
We feature the Japan’s Kobe Steelers coaching team.
Kyohei Morita and his Kobe players demonstrate how to safely develop your offloading in contact.
Site the target with your eyes, Support player comes from depth so can support either side, Ball carrier to have a good grip on the ball

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Duration 43:52
Topics Youth Coaching Tackling Catch and Pass
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Muy bueno. Se lograria mejor comprension si es traducido o subtitulado al español.


These videos are very helpful


per favore i sottotitoli in inglese o spagnolo. io sono italiano e Not understend English. Tank YOU!


thanks! they only issue I see is that the drills set´s the support player at 45°, and if the pass if inside the deffense it would be probably be a flat pass…


Amazing content! thanks


Ha good stuff! I call this the “chicken wing pass.” Very effective in a 2 v 2 situation when the ball carrier bangs out the fend with the non-carrying arm.


Great simple video breaking down how to teach the offload to kids????


Brilliant stuff! No more abandoned midweek sessions due to waterlogged pitches! :-) Really innovative ideas to work on tackle detail.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

I met Ben at the Hurricanes some years ago, he has become an awesome coach. Great use of props. Brilliant


Awesome Ben great thought process

New Zealand

Really great for youth players to build knowledge and confidence while being safe in best practise for tackling and dissolving doubt pre tackle and bad habits.


Muy tips para mejorar la tecnica del tackle .


Great for younger players who often keep their head too far away from the tackled player. It is safer and a better, tighter tackle when they use their head and neck. It helps keeps the head on the correct side as well. Our league cousins call it shoulder stick. Pulling back with the arms/shoulders and pushing forward with the legs sticks the tacklers shoulder to the opponent.


fantastic ways to enforce the refined micro skills of the tackle in an indoor or enclosed environment.great understanding that these 1% can make so much difference


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