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Starter Coach Series - Y with Ben Herring

Ben & Brendon share their tips in this series which is aimed to support new coaches and junior coaches.

Part 1. Starter Coach - Evasion Drills Part 1 4:43 Free video

Evasion is what rugby is all about. Ben Herring teaches some really basic drills to help players of all ages improve there evasion skill.

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Part 2. Starter Coach - Evasion Drills Part 2 7:47 Member content

In part 2 of the starter coach series we watch Ben explain the magic step drill to the kids. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Starter Coach - Tackle Safe 19:32 Member content

Brendon Ratcliffe goes through all the fundamental steps when you are learning how to tackle. Perfect for coaching children.

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Part 4. Starter Coach - Defence alignment & basic defensive system 15:13 Member content

Every team performs better with a defensive structure. Brendan shows us an introductory structure for beginner teams.

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Part 5. Starter Coach - Contact 6:46 Member content

Watch Ben explain to the younger kids how it’s possible to be powerful through contact.

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Part 6. Starter Coach - Ball Placement After Contact 3:42 Member content

Watch Ben show correct ball placement in his latest video – enjoy!

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Part 7. Starter Coach - Breakdown Part 1 Core Foundations 4:55 Member content

In this video we look at the breakdown and keep it simple with strong core foundations. Enjoy!

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Part 8. Starter Coach - Breakdown Part 2 Drills & Games 10:15 Member content

Ben explains breakdown drills and games in an easy to follow format.

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Part 9. Starter Coach - Lineout Lifting 8:08 Member content

Not everyone was born with the ability to jump high, fortunately we are able to lift in rugby. Ben Herring shows us a beginners guide of how to jump and lift for a lineout.

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Part 10. Starter Coach - Catch & Pass - Part 1   6:21 Member content

Ben Herring takes us through some simple methods to coach the catch and pass to younger players.

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Part 11. Starter Coach - Catch & Pass - Part 2 8:33 Member content

Watch Ben as he follows on from part 1 of the Catch & Pass drills.

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Part 12. Starter Coach - Filler Games 5:40 Member content

In this video, Ben goes over fun skills and learning games for the kids.

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Part 13. Starter Coach - Practice plan - Evasion 5:55 Member content

Watch the first of the session plans from Ben and his Otago Boys High and Wests (Wellington) young support team.

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Part 14. Starter Coach - Practice plan - Catch & Pass 5:33 Member content

Watch the second video of the practice plans from Ben and his Otago Boys High and Wests (Wellington) young support team.

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Part 15. Starter Coach - Practice plan - Defence 4:08 Member content

Ben has put together a session plan for coaches to develop new players defensive skills in a fun and safe environment. Enjoy!

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Part 16. Starter Coach - Practice Plan - Clean Out 4:22 Member content

Ben has put together a session plan for coaches to develop new players defensive skills in a fun and safe environment. Enjoy!

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Part 17. Starter Coach - Beyond Skills & Drills 5:49 Member content

Being a new rugby coach or even coaching a new team requires plenty of organisation and ability to adapt and handle different situations. In this video, Ben passes on some tips to coaches on how to be organised with your team. Enjoy!

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Part 18. Driving Maul from a lineout / Stage 1 - Setting the platform 8:13 Member content

Brendon is back with his Starter Coach Series and Part 1 is all about setting the platform. Enjoy!

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Part 19. Driving Maul from a lineout / Stage 2 - The Drive 12:18 Member content

This week we look at stage 2 of the driving maul from a lineout. Enjoy!

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Part 20. Ball Carry into Contact 4:47 Member content

In this video we learn who is the most critical person in dictating whether you retain the ball in the tackle, plus other useful information. Enjoy!

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Part 21. Clearout at Breakdown 7:44 Member content

In Brendon’s latest video, we cover the clearout at breakdown. Enjoy!

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Duration 157:04
Topics Youth Coaching
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Languages English

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Course reviews

Great techniques and drills to ensure defensive alignment, organisation and communication

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Fantastic explanation of a fundamental game scenario skill set for kids, youth and adults a like.


Loving Brendons short sessions on the basic skills and the simple messages to reinforce the skills. Thanks for sharing.


Really good Explained clearly


Great progression , based on meeting the needs of the learners using a ‘games’ approach with good examples of checking for understanding while they play. Lovely to watch, look forward to doing with my players.


This is fantastic. I’m an AFL player coaching my sons rugby team – this will be invaluable


Love the site and the content! I’m a bit concerned that the driving maul from a lineout videos (Parts 18 & 19 of Starter coach) are showing a set up which is illegal. Principally the set up has the two lifters getting into a position in front of the ball and effectively obstructing. My U18 side was penalised for just this set up several times towards the end of last season. Don’t get me wrong I would like to set this way every game, if the ref will allow it, but I do think that the coaching needs to inform what the laws say, especially at this basic level. Happy to be proved wrong on this point of law…


Muy bueno para reposicionamiento defensivo.

looking for the magic touch game?

great defensive principles of identify, alignment, communication and line speed gives the boys confidence in their role


Brilliant series of video’s.Season starts next week looking forward to the coaching sessions.

New Zealand

Awesome video, great focus on communication which in turn improves the skill sets being taught. Really happy to see the starter coach series so we can teach our kids correctly from the beginning. More Awesome All Blacks in the making!

New Zealand

Me gusto la explicacion y el entusiasmo de los chicos


Excellent ideas, so simple yet effective.


Very clear and effective explanations.


As a new coach these drills and coaching advice are priceless. Thanks Ben.


Great coaching. The players enjoyed the session. Getting them involved through questioning was great. From: Henry Adams(World Rugby Coaching Educator.

South Africa

I thought it was good, I shall use Ben,s, evasion drill but adapt it a little; to include an off load if the player is tackled by the defender on his knees.


Excellent!!! an easy drill and optimal result….congratulations Ben


Bellissimi esercizi sull’evitamento. Ottima la spiegazione e il coinvolgimento dei ragazzi da parte del tecnico (Ben Herring)


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