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Essential Catch and Pass and Defence - Y and HS with Hamish Webb

In this series, The Rugby Site UK Manager, Hamish Webb is at Clayton Bootleggers, Raleigh, North Carolina. Hamish demonstrates with a 'hands on' approach to the Catch and Pass and defence.

Part 1. Developing Catch Pass Ability   10:23 Free video

The Rugby Site UK Manager, Hamish Webb starts his Clayton Bootleggers series in Raleigh, North Carolina with a ‘hands on’ approach to the Catch and Pass.
Hamish demonstrates the skills presented in other Rugby Site Catch Pass videos plus highlights good technique and explains ways to improve bad technique.
Extend the outside arm to the ball, Run straight, Run through the pass


Part 2. Developing a 3 on 2 Overlap 10:20 Member content

2 2 on 1s rather than 1 3 on 2
That is how The Rugby Sites’ UK Manager Hamish Webb sees the 3 on 2 Overlap drill.
Hamish breaks down the 3 on 2 Overlap passing drill to find the space out wide at the recent Clayton Bootleggers coaches clinic in Raleigh NC.
1st Receiver runs hard, commits the 1st man in defence
Pass early while still in space
Catch Pass skills required to successfully execute

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Part 3. Defence Structure around the Breakdown 11:48 Member content

Knowing the organisation of your defence
This week, we are back in Raleigh, North Carolina with The Rugby Site’s UK Manager, Hamish Webb and his Clayton Bootleggers players.

Hamish looks at organising your breakdown defence. A well organised defence can help overcome any possible shortcomings in players’ tackling.

Partners are beside them. They are connected and not exposed. Try to reduce the number of mismatches

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Part 4. Using quick hands to create an overlap 10:35 Member content

The quicker the pass on the inside the more space available on the outside.

This week, we are back in Raleigh, North Carolina with The Rugby Site’s UK Manager, Hamish Webb and his Clayton Bootleggers players.
Hamish demonstrates how quick hands creates the space on the outside and how you can continue to modify to build pressure on the pass.

Turn the corner straight. Align the inside shoulder. Move the ball rather than your feet

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 65:45
Topics Youth Coaching Catch and Pass Defence
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

This is useful to both beginner and old.




Great way to help the players understand key roles in defence.


Awesome stuff, easy to understand and implement. Love the grouping of videos too. Thank you!! Using for both U11 and U17 in different ways.


So easy to execute while every detail of catch & pass can be discussed with the team.


Good drill

New Zealand

Great videos, I can you these for my rookies and refreshers for the veterans.


An excellent junior coach, attention to basics, Hamish must have been a teacher, his explanations and props first class. As a Coach I am always learning, it is good to re educate.


Freddie The purpose of any drill is to identify, isolate and improve individual parts of of a skill. I have found this drill (pt7) does this in spades! Early catch, run square, keep depth, weight of pass. Like all drills it does not mirror match conditions but as this group success rate was not that great it highlighted all these skill need to be developed without pressure to begin with. As I mentioned below and at the session by adding more pressure we can test the skills that we have introduced. We see week after week the Crusaders convert tight numbers up situations with a mastery of these skills. Skills that they practise extensively with drill like these.

New Zealand

I can’t really see that this last drill (the part 7) is fit for purpose: Using hands to create an overlap in a very small space in which you simulate a 4 on 5. In a real game situation the defence can always press up and tackle before the ball is moved to the 5th player, or if they are that deep that the defence can’t do it they can just press and drift easy without losing meters.


Scott Thanks for this. We did not get a chance to film this but a great game to play after this drill is a touch game with only 2 defenders allowed in the 15 m channel . Double points for a try scored in there. This challenges the attacking team to flood the wide channel and use quick hand to beat the outnumbered defenders. i like to flip,flop between the drill and the game to get a full squad buy-in.


Perfect drill well explained will try tomorrow

New Zealand

I like how there is a logical progression, like adding the No.8. and the extra “Free” attacker. Looking and decision making.


The RFU guidelines demand that there is no contact during the summer months until 2 weeks before the season starts. These defence drills covered by Hamish show that as coaches there is still a lot we can cover without full contact. Great drills, simply explained.


Love how simple the explanation is. I’m working with my club on these very same issues, these videos clarified a few things for me, now I can help my players. thanks.


Great video training and well explained

South Africa

En español ?


Fantastic video for me as coach of 12/13 year old girls. Give me more please asap. THANKS.


great video


Simply basic but really fundamental. It is important to review it at any time and in any age category


Clear and concise passing and catching drills, very effective and structured.


Great video. Some great ideas for developing the basics

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

good basics drills


very good basics

South Africa

This is superb! Such clear fundamentals!


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