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Essential Attack Skills - Y with Hamish Webb

In this series we feature Hamish Webb (our UK Rugby Site Rugby Manager), at our UK clinic with the Hackney Rugby Club, London. Hamish works with the U14s and women's team developing Catch and Pass and basic Attack strategy.

Part 1. Develop Essential Catch & Pass Skills   10:41 Member content

This week, we feature Hamish Webb (our UK Rugby Site Rugby Manager), at our UK clinic with the Hackney Rugby Club.

Hamish having coached at London Irish Academy, Wellington College and Scotland U16s has successfully developed many junior players, and teams.

Hamish has an excellent session with Hackney’s U13 team (many new to the game), developing their Catch and Pass.

Grip the ball properly to pass

Hands out early to greet the ball

Point the ball at the target

Pass the ball like it’s on a rope to the target

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Part 2. Set Piece Attack Introduction 10:33 Member content

In this video, Hamish introduces the U14 team at London’s Hackney RFC some simple Set Piece Attack moves that every team can use. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Early Catch, Active Grab 11:51 Member content

Hamish breaks down the Catch and Pass into simple parts that once mastered enable players time and confidence to make right decisions under pressure: Hands out early Pointing to the ball Active grab Fingers across the middle of the ball

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Part 4. Read Defenders Hips 5:24 Member content

What can you read into defenders hips? The Rugby Site’s UK Manager Hamish Webb explains as he continues his session with the Hackney Women’s team in London, UK. Hamish, progresses their Catch and Pass skills by understanding where a defender’s hips are positioned can be an advantage to your attacking decision. So what do you do if defenders stay square or turn their hips?

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 10:33
Topics Youth Coaching Attack Catch and Pass
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Just the person for the skill. Top coaching


Simple Rugby, Simply explained. The delivery by Hamish shows how important, and effective good, simple, and to the point coaching can be.

Very simple but effective

Explicaciòn simple y concreta del ataque.


hola , solo esta en ingles ,


Perfect simple and straight forward.


Maybe Eddie Jones and his Staff should take a look at this module, back to basics, it is often a good exercise to go back to the beginnings.


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