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Attack based Modified Games - Y and HS with Salty Thompson

In this series, Salty looks at modified games in his coaching programme.

Part 1. Modified Games - running lines   12:51 Member content

Modified games play an integral part of Salty’s successful coaching programme.
We start the series with his Lines of Running game. Developing players to find the space. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Modified Games - elimination touch 10:29 Member content

This week we follow on from Salty’s modified games, with elimination touch. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Modified Games - Punch & Judy 11:07 Member content

In this video, Salty uses a modified game approach he calls Punch and Judy. Enjoy!

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Part 4. Modified Games - Touch Tackle Variation 10:47 Member content

In this video, Salty highlights the key technical areas for players to make safe tackles and enjoy the progression process. Enjoy!

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Part 5. Modified Games - Restart Variation 8:36 Member content

In this video, Salty and his team of coaches present a modified game – focusing on Restarts. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 53:50
Topics Youth Coaching Attack
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

I love decision making drills like this great work. Thanks for the alternate options like vanishing runners.


Great drill for low tackling getting young players into the right habit.


Really good for junior players who need to learn to tackle low!


Great example for bringing a safe controlled tackling exercise into a full speed running game. Players are getting fitness during the game.


Love this for coaching the creativity and variation in attack. Next session! Can’t wait. :-)

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

great demo of games based approach


Excellent modified game to showcase the use of Y line unders v overs running lines, (hold v hide players) back door options. Comms on D & A & staying connected on D. Line speed. Great training demo. I’ll be using this at the next training.

New Zealand

Great format allowing for variation options to be added according to what is trying to be achieved. One to use!


I think this is very good and I will definitely use it

South Africa

Great simple game, with fitness and player buy-in with the discussion!


Look forward to seeing the rest of your series Salty. I really enjoy his game progressions to teach/coach valuable aspects of the game. i also liked his line of questioning with the young guns.


Lo riproporrò ai miei ragazzi! Sono curioso di vedere se c è un’ evoluzione nei video


esercizio interessante per i giovani, trovare lo spazio libero nella difesa


Well was easy to understand good clear message which hopefully will help me when I introduce it to the team

New Zealand

Look forward to seeing the rest of your series Salty.


Very interesting part dedicated to the feedback.


este video esta solo en ingles


Brilliant demonstration of using a game approach to training

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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