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Lineout Throw - A with Bismarck du Plessis

Here Bismarck du Plessis isolates the technique of lineout throwing. Looking at grip, follow through, finish and hitting your target at the lineout. Watch Bismarck demonstrate his throw execution from hours of dedicated practice of a skill that requires daily repetition to achieve consistency.

Part 1. Lineout Throw   11:40 Member content

Bismarck has been throwing the rugby ball for a decade at the highest level. He share every trick he knows.

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Course Part 1
Duration 11:40
Topics TRS Español Player Programme Position specific
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

Great video and one that I can easily use to teach a new player


Not good. Most ball releases aren’t actually fully in the video. Don’t understand how the ball spins by itself with his method.


Good use of over accentuate action. Angle of ball and release.

New Zealand

Excellent a difficult skill made to look easy by an expert.


very informative , some really good pointers

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Great video. Helpful tips.


Good technical training tips. Bismarck nails down on the basics of the line out throw which is an essential component of this set piece. blows away the theory that a lot of coaches have on triggering the opposition as he uses elastic energy technique for power. (Back swing) awesome. Please load part 2 where he will show his stance & foot positioning

New Zealand

Good Basic work for a hooker to work on every traing seassion 5 to 10 min before training. Nice one Bissie (GCB)


Good Video.. It Really Helped The Hooker in Our Team .. Thank You Very Much ..


Not bad. I wish the camera angles were a bit better. It would be much more helpful if we could see the impact of all the changes to the trajectory of the ball


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