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The Frontal Tackle - HS and A with Wayne Smith

The last in the series, the aim of the frontal tackle is to turn defence into attack. A key element for getting dominance in the tackle is making sure that you are getting the same foot and same shoulder forward into the collision. This will generate good leg drive through the tackle and drive the ball carrier back behind the gain line. As the tackler, the closer in you get to the ball carrier, the more chance you have of achieving this.

Part 1. The Frontal Tackle   18:45 Member content

Wayne Smith takes us through the key features of executing great front on tackles. No matter if you are smallest player on the park, you need to know how to handle some one running straight at you.

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Course Part 1
Duration 18:45
Topics Tackling TRS Español
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

Great drill clear and concise break down of the whole tackle

New Zealand

Like all Smith’s stuff,really clear, simple, highly effective

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Great video for basic tackle technique everything starts from good basics!

New Zealand

Loved this video as it presented some new drills to build up to full contact.


Love Wayne Smith’s tackling coaching…simple tweaks that you can use from day 1 of contact (U9s).


Great.. Appreciate the progression from a drill to a game situation


love it !!!


Excelente una fragmentaciòn perfecta de la técnica del tackle. Gran coach Wayne Smith


Excellent session


I like the idea of inside defender identifying/anticipating the tackle in the channel next to him, he has a great opportunity to steal ball.


A brilliant explanation with all the basic skills, the interpretation of the laws of the game to finish were very helpful, 4 feet against 2, is something I will remember.


Interessante spiegazione delle basi nel placcaggio, credo che le utilizzerò nella formazione dei tecnici anche nelle categorie Mini Rugby.


Great video. Good to see different tackle types and how tos.

New Zealand

very well explained i like


Great coaching – clear progression of technical aspects of the tackle with excellent personalised feedback for the players.




Wayne Smith is spot on as usual


Another excellent video from Wayne, clear and informative. Rugby Site has certainly helped develop my coaching. Wayne Smith best in the business, any chance of getting Dave Rennie to join your ranks!!


la progresion esperfecta y lograria a mas de mejorar la tecnica disminuir los miedos en lo chicos


muy bueno excelente


Excelente explicación, es muy progresiva y a su vez contundente en sus fundamentos


muy instructivo realmente eficaz


Hi im going on a level 3 coaching course and bring back the tackling basics is going to help me


Very simple to follow. Shows specific safety issues and takes a slow approach to create a confident tackler.


a great video


I am Italian and I have difficulty to understand what you say in the movies, it would be useful to continue to put subtitles in Spanish but also in English. The movies are all interesting.


Love having the companion PDF to take along to practice. I am a first year coach and the rugby site has been more than helpful.


translation ( in spanish) will be welcomed at the bottom of the video, other than that, the content is excellent as always.


Outstanding as always


When will be available in spanish ?


Dears, I cannot see the latest three videos, would you pls. take a look to the configurations/settings for Argentina, and no ones were translated (subtitled) into Spanish language yet, maybe the issue is there, since I can see all other videos and those are subtitled. Thx. Regards.


Another session where Wayne reduces the complex to the simple with a superb eye for good technique and attention to detail.


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