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Safe Tackle Set-up Series with Rodney So'oialo

Watch Rodney, ex All Black and Hurricane, explain the tackle in detail - aimed at younger players.

Part 1. Tackle - Stay Safe and Dominate   8:09 Member content

In the 1st video of this series, Rodney demonstrates how to tackle safely but still dominate. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Tackle - Stay Safe and Dominate (Part 2) 12:48 Member content

In Rodney's latest video, we have part 2 of his tackle safely but still dominate the tackle series. Enjoy! Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2
Duration 20:57
Topics Tackling Youth Coach Skills and Drills Player Programme
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Languages English

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Course reviews

The simplicity of drill can be used in each training to enhance muscle memory and correct technique while eliminating the hand grabbers, also great transitional drill into faster tracking and tackle technique.


Great Video! Real essential breakdown of all the parts. The leg driving as demonstrated here, was enlightening with that second step. We were usually instructed to do more of the lunge, or go through type: this is better and I believe what we see in top-tier matches. Thanks mate.


great series – really like the detail and way Rodney breaks the tackle down into the individual elements, without it being about the contact.


This is all great stuff, thanks Rodney! A brief word document of the main points would be a great add on, Rugby Site!


Excellent break down of key factors for the tackle


Nice demo uce. Thank you.


Fundamental pointers we so often forget to focus on, as we are always looking at the bigger picture. Great refresher.

South Africa

The video is not playing for me, I get sound only.


Very good break down of a core skill in rugby. Impressive in how he always explains the “why” which compliments the “how”.


So many tackle techniques today poorly coached, leading to poor execution. This is an excellent session on how to perfect the little things make a big difference. Looking forward to more sessions from Rodney.


Great drill roddy, something we all can put into practice.

New Zealand

Very good drill to break down skills and build confidence.


Second Juan’s point! I feel like this is a great progression towards Sir Grahm or Wayne Smith’s tackling sections. I love the small detail focus regarding hand positioning upwards. I had coached tracking with hands in, but I think that the footwork to shoulder targeting is a brilliant bit.


I’m going to try this drill today. Looks a great basic drill.

New Zealand

great initial progression. then go to Ben Herrings series, and then Graham Henry┬┤s…


Shot Rodney. Mean.

New Zealand

it is the best initial progression to the tackle I have ever seen


Good stuff !!! We can’t emphasize enough to stop using the arms when we want to tackle.


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