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Contact Series - Y and HS with Wesley Clarke

Wesley with help of the Manawatu Cyclones women’s players, conducts a series of contact drills in this new series.

Part 1. Ball Carry & Move your Body into Contact   6:01 Free video

In this video, Black Ferns assistant coach Wesley Clarke is back with the Manawatu Cyclone players, with an implicit approach to introduce new players, male or female, into contact. No Hit Shields required! Wesley’s excellent approach – providing a framework of execution then a group feedback learning loop, enables the players a safe and positive learning environment. Enjoy!


Part 2. Primers for Contact Training 5:17 Member content

In this video, Wesley introduces a set of primers to prepare the players to avoid rather than target the contact. Don’t run at the tree trunk, run at the branches. Target the space not the person. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Leg Drive & Ball Placement 9:22 Member content

Developing strong leg drive directly into contact is Wesley’s focus this week. Stay low – Stay up longer – Ball transfer late. Strong leg drive into contact to gain metres. Enjoy!

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Part 4. Ball into Contact, Support Players & Decision Making 10:48 Member content

Wesley again with the help from the Manawatu Cyclone players, presents the various Going into Contact Options and importantly the Decision Making behind each approach. Enjoy!

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Part 5. Game Based Learning - Giving new skills context 14:36 Member content

In this video, Wesley looks at changing the rules to effect learning, by highlighting the skills as they relate to the game. Create and modify for your game requirements. Get player feedback & don’t forget to have fun!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 46:04
Topics Sevens Breakdown Women's Rugby
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Sevens  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Absolutely great stuff for new players …

Arabian Gulf

i wonder if there is a legal way to “tackle the tackler”… there is an example in the footage that is clearly illegal (5:53); you can latch and then eventually shift on the tackler but going directly on the tackler (5:53) it seems illegal. I understand that two players(one with a ball) standing and fighting it’s not a maul yet, i understand that if another player joins we have a maul, but: 1) i’m not sure he can join from everywhere as the coach says( i think there is a virtual gate like in the tackle area) and the rule says you don’t have to drag an opponent away from the maul. Maybe this could be referred to other players joining after the maul has been formed? so before the maul is formed the player joining can tackle the tackler? i’m very interested in this cause i would like to teach support the option of what Myke Byrne calls " pub Fighting" but talking with some italian referees they find it illegal. waiting for your reply thx


Maybe just be more aware of not taking the ball into contact, but transfer it.

South Africa

I loved the defenders with arms crossed. Very Good.


I love how focus is on simplicity of how to introduce game to new players, I see them lots in my part of the world.


I very much appreciate the focus on Go Forward. Winning in contact is required for Go Forward and this video does a great job in breaking down the attack ruck sequence into effective parts for learning.


Just one word! Execellent!


Good clarity from the coach. Good series of demos.


Great Drills we play on Astro turf so its not Dirty Knuckles its burnt Knuckles.. :O))


Great stuff

New Zealand

Part 3. Great drill, not often coached, always needed.


Some excellent “No Contact” and minimal contact work to develop players. Will be using these tonight.


Excelent stuff! Easy designed drills with low organization requirements and lots of transfer


I already liked this when I read ‘No Shields Required’! But like the exercises, progressions and easing the players into this, it is not about hitting, but occupying the space, fending off defenders.


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