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7’s Contact skills - HS and A with Mike Friday

The contact area in 7’s is a pure part of the game. I will be focusing more on decision making than physicality. In this module I’ll take you through tackle technique, to help you get up to contest for the ball. We will then look at decision making while on the floor in order to buy time to present the ball to allow your support player to make the best decisions to clear that breakdown. The clearer at the breakdown needs to make a fast decision based on the defence situation.

Part 1. 7's Contact Skills   22:10 Member content

Contact in 7s is a very one on one event. Mike Friday shows us the technical aspects require to perform it well in 7s.

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Course Part 1
Duration 22:10
Topics Sevens
Applicable to Coaches   Sevens  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

Fantastic Session on alternative Pictures at Rucks…will use tonight :-)


Great video. I like Mike Fridays approach where the detail is worked on. His passing video is very good as well and I have used his ideas with our club.


Fantastic fundamentals for my new players: Coach Friday couldn’t be any clearer. Inspiring coaching and great drills for the players. Awesome explanation of the rules of the ruck at the end.


Really great video, M. Friday is really clear. But i have difficulty to understand why he is encouraging them to roll on the ground once tackled, i’ve been taught that we should release the ball as soon as we hit the ground with the ball and the roll was illegal. Someone can help me understand?


Excellent coaching drill with progressive building of decision making in the contact. Coach controlled the drill with great ease and authority


love the videos and instruction I wanted to know based on rugby 7s is the attacker with the ball going into contact allowed to roll a couple of times on the ground before they place it?


En la version en español le faltan los dos minutos finales del video.


Lots of good points re decision making in the contact area and awareness of strategic opportunities within the ‘legal framework’.


exelente el video


Enjoyed this module, starting with the simple things in tackle, clean and decision making then building into game scenario with pressure.

New Zealand

Great module! I especially appreciated that Mike addressed what’s legal and not legal with the group. Good model for coaches as well to let the lads play on, even when form is less than perfect, but giving targeted positive feedback on the fly as to what’s being done well.


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