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Scrum Engagement and Laws with Kees Meeuws

In this series Ex All Black prop Kees Meeuws will explain front row play in an easy to follow format

Part 1. Pre engagement setup - loosehead prop   12:11 Member content

Watch Kees break down the loosehead play – enjoy!

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Part 2. Pre engagement - up to the bind 5:10 Member content

Watch Kees in this video that follows on from the pre engagement setup.

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Part 3. Head position for props after engagement 8:13 Member content

This video shows you how to work on entry and how to get into a position of power to unleash all the force from behind.

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Part 4. Scrum engagement law & prop talk 5:22 Member content

Kees explains the new engagement law and talks about being a prop.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 26:16
Topics Set Piece Player Programme Position specific
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews



Oh, sensational, learnt so much, feel like I can be a prop now, jokes


Few coaches get to the detail Kees has in this video…loosehead fighting to the sternum makes a huge difference and I’ve not seen it in other videos…thanks Kees


Fantastic explanation of those details of the front row work that make the difference


a great breakdown thru the 4 modules , good explanation on loose head versus tight head head positioning of their heads to counter act and react to each player.

New Zealand

Great series, any difference for women where the centre of gravity is lower, in terms of when Kees says “lower your chest even more”?


Hi there as an forward coach I thought to have these tools at your disposal you can only grow .as a coach learning the art of front row play and also the safety of the players.fantastic !!

South Africa

Superb From Saminda Sri lanka

Sri Lanka

Superb video kees and Excellently explained,


Great Kees sorted out my question in mike crons section about new laws


what a great session. so good for coaching teenagers.


Lots of helpful informations..great demo


Kees Great video, Would not mind some pointers on the hooker attacking/defensive point post engagement before ball feed. But one of the better videos that I have seen.


This is an awesome series. Really builds on the Mike Cron scrum videos. It is nice to see Kees explain the new engagement laws and how they pertain to creating a great contest at scrum time. One question, are the tight head and loose heads responsibilities the same regardless of whose put in it is?


Great short course for young Props. Excellent explanation, manner and confidence in presentation.


Excellent pre engagement drill dont forget to grip the ground with your toes


Kees noticed your props using the top of their heads against oppositions shoulder for support, could this be used in a game for extra support

New Zealand

there is no audio


Don’t want to be negative, but there are some problematic elements (promoting anterior pelvic tilt) toward spinal organization pre engagement. Maybe it will be sorted, but not a cue I would feel comfortable using. Other issues around the players necks in a flexed position. I sort of feel that spinal organization comes first, and correcting one area of spinal alignment, at a a time is counter productive, and could delay progress of coaches trying to learn for that clip.


Very good explanation, key points forcefully repeated.


Just one confusion. Kees talks of pelvic area forward, but Cron talks about hips / out (Ducks arse) ?

New Zealand

Really useful video, can’t wait for part 2.


Being a forwards coach, the safety of my players at scrum time is hugely important, and this video showing how to get the prop into the correct position is invaluable. Thanks.

New Zealand

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