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Tackle - Session Plan - HS with The Rugby Site

We advance the tackle session plan for players at a level where defensive systems are now a part of the game strategy and players are bigger and are moving at a greater speed. Individual and team alignment is important in the tackle decision. Again this training session is set for 40-45mins. Make sure the warm up is effective as players are into contact. You can individualise player skills in this session as well.

Part 1. Tackle Warm up 1   12:38 Member content

Every training session starts with a warm up and tackle practice is no different.
For the youth/high school player Josh Syms introduces a couple of exercises that prime the player for the tackle practice but also helps develop specific tackle technique.
As always adds a bit of competition and fun to the program.

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Part 2. Tackle Warm up 2 15:07 Member content

Josh Syms details his 2nd Tackle warm up exercise.
Josh works from the feet to the shoulders and everywhere in between to prepare for the tackle collision.

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Part 3. Tackle - All Elements 12:11 Member content

Lets get into some tackling.
Ben Herring’s all elements video is the ideal for tackling players.
It shows all the key technical elements to effect a safe strong tackle.
If your players are having difficulty with the tackle technique, use Ben’s in individual tackle skills videos to improve them.
This part of the session you can individualise players tackling technique and improve them.

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Part 4. Tackling with Bags 8:43 Member content

If you have tackle bags and shields use them. They make for safer training, less injuries and you can hone the players tackling skills. Plus players love hitting the bags! Follow Brendon and Sir Graham Henry’s directions and you will be fine.

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Part 5. Chop Tackle 23:02 Member content

Most tackle technique is based on the front on tackle. The Chop tackle is a very effective and required tackle for your defensive line. Implement Wayne Smith’s instructions and your players Chop Tackles will be very effective to take down any player.

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Part 6. Tackle Tracking 3:41 Member content

Tackling is part of a team’s defensive system. The tackle itself is executed as an individual or in tandem. This drill starts players to understand the defensive setup and how they fit into it. Plus it gives them a break from the contact.
There are 3 video parts to the defence setup – Tracking, Line Integrity, and Alignment. Start with tracking and then build into line integrity and alignment.
Clarke Laidlaw provides a drill for players to understand tracking.

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Part 7. Defense Alignment 7:31 Member content

Sir Graham Henry explains how to set-up defensive line integrity.

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Part 8. Defense Re-Alignment 6:20 Member content

To finish your session, practice some defence alignment and realignment.
Rodney So’oialo explains a good drill and what to consider with it.

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Course reviews

Great video and basic drills for good fundamental technique


High-quality audio and video. Very well explained and the feedback suggestions to players will be useful.


Good insight into tackle technique, drills principles of defence and drill variations

New Zealand

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve our coaching on tackling. I have learned so much from all the different presenters. THERUGBYSITE is the best coaching toolbox.

South Africa

Liked it a lot, especially that it is all age appropriate

South Africa

Good explanation and teachable.


Split the mid-line is a great tip, ensures positive momentum in to the tackle as well as good positioning (same foot, same shoulder).


Interesting that he’s moving away from the dance before contact, particularly because its harder to change direction.It makes perfect sense, but I imagine there will be a lot of coaches having to untrain what they have trained.

Good challenge for us!


Great stuff. Simple technique drills to use with my U13s.


Hola , algunos videos, no tiene traducción en inglés




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