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Non Contact Session Plans - Turnover Attack - HS and A with Hamish Webb

Approx. 50% of English Premiership tries are from Turnover Ball. Does your team have a Turnover Attack Plan? Use this non contact session plan to create your Turnover attack plan or build on your current one. S&C specialist Paul Bunce starts the session with speed and agility development then Hamish Webb works through developing a Turnover Attack.

Part 1. Speed and Agility Development   14:22 Free video

To start the session S&C specialist Paul Bunce, with Haagsche Rugby Club, players details the key elements to speed and agility development.
Remember – Your toe is an accelerator and heel is a brake.
Toes pointing up and be bouncy, Big steps work and Step powerfully and aggressively.


Part 2. Change of Direction Cutting & Competitive Agility 8:27 Member content

Evading players is key rugby skill.
Through a series of activities S&C coach Paul Bunce expertly isolates the core elements involved in evading a player.
Helping players understand the techncial skills involved in evading a defender.

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Part 3. Add Catch Pass to Speed 6:51 Member content

Now build on the speed and agility by adding a ball and catch pass.

Hamish Webb, Rugby Site’s UK Manager focuses on maintaining game speed and agility from Paul’s sessions to execute the catch pass.

Practice at game speed. Delay and accelerate on don’t leave early and wait.
You can Drop the ball not the Speed. Hands at the target pass in front.

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Part 4. Turnover Attack with Speed and Quick Passing 13:27 Member content

Now combine the speed, agility and catch pass skills into a Turnover Attack.
Hamish works with the players to successfully create a Turnover Attack.
Use Turnovers efficiently, run the ball into space and must catch and pass at pace.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 42:27
Topics Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Some really useful tips on speed, agility and body position.


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