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Modified Games Session Plan - Y and HS with The Rugby Site

How about a session for your youth and junior players just focused on having fun? That is what we have put together for this session. Still plenty of skill involved but in essence it's about having fun. We start with Ben Herring's Filler games, then move onto Salty's Modified games and finish with Rusty's Gamification game. Enjoy and remember adapt as you want and work within the restrictions outlined by your local unions.

Part 1. Starter Games   5:40 Member content

Get the session starter with some fun games from Ben’s Starter coach series.

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Part 2. Elimination Touch for Starters 10:29 Free video

Progress the players into some some fun Elimination Touch.
You can use the opportunity to work on players catch and pass under pressure and defence lines.
Great for fitness as well.

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Part 3. Gamification for Starters 9:29 Member content

Then get your players thinking, making decisions, banking their scoring with Rusty Earnshaw’s Gamification by introducing some Video Gaming concepts they will be familiar with.
Have fun with this and modify as you or the players want.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Duration 25:38
Topics Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches   Managers   Youths, ands, highs, and schools  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Very Good ideas and simple example. Good to see coach getting players to self evaluate.


Nice fillers for young players … could also use for more advanced players too. Keeps the game fun

New Zealand

Ben’s games with kids are very informative

South Africa

Really love what they had to say, I’ve been trying for years to become more games based as opposed to drill focused practice, as was my own youthful experience. Thank you.


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