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Catch and Pass - Session Plan for Advanced Players with The Rugby Site

This session plan is targeted for more experienced players and teams. The session incorporates more pressure on the catch and pass both in execution and decision making.

Part 1. Vision Awareness   13:28 Member content

Ex Blues and Connacht Skills coach Dave Ellis introduces a catch and pass warm up for players.
The purpose of the exercise is to get players switched on thinking about their catch and pass before getting into their session proper.

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Part 2. Catching in Isolation 9:44 Member content

Scotland coach Gregor Townsend is recognised as one of the world’s best attacking coaches.
In this video, Gregor focuses on the 1st receiver and their requirements.
The more you practice the fundamentals under pressure the more effective you’ll be.
The technical points of catching and passing have to be made either in games or by putting defenders up.

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Part 3. L-Shape Passing 6:36 Member content

Blacks Ferns assistant coach Wesley Clarke introduces the L-Shape passing drill.
As players focus on their catch pass they are required to align and run straight plus make decisions about the timing and direction of their passes.

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Part 4. Passing Wave - Adding a Moving Defence 7:15 Member content

Rugby Site founder Brendon Ratcliffe presents the Passing Wave drill with an active defence.
Again players are required to think about where to pass with an active defence limiting their decision making time.

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Part 5. Replay/Freeze/Tactics 9:54 Member content

Magic Rugby Founder Rusty Earnshaw introduces coaching concepts to help players develop their skills and decision making on the pitch.
It involves playing thinking and making decisions whilst moving the ball. A great one to incorporate Catch and pass skills into game like situations.

Adapt it to suit your requirements and bring the players into the decision making process.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 46:57
Topics Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Plus de traduction en français Merci


Very interesting and usefull


Would be great to be able to tag a drill as a favorite so it can be saved for future reference


“7 of 10” is an excellent teaching/learning principle. Great video!


This is immediately into my training tool box!


Pequeños detalles , muy interesantes! Gracias


Again some excellent things here that I will definitely be using


Great insights, Easily to understand. Part 5, I need to watch 5x times to get a better grip of it. I need back row functioning a lot better, drift or slide. Same movement. Talking needs to be a lot louder, for direction and play Thank


Great stuff. A lot of ways to get your imagination and creativity flow form hare.


Excellent video, I will use it.


Really Like this Video with all the great info..Fantastic Drill using a heap of skills that I cannot wait to use at training.Thanks so much


Excellent Videos


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