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Attack Session Plan - Strategies - A with The Rugby Site

The purpose is this Session Plan is develop Attack Strategy options. Your training session is all about Attack. Current England coach Eddie Jones provides Attack off 9 and 10 options. Plus we add Counter and Turnover Attack Options.

Part 1. Warm -up Grid Passing with Moving Defence   7:15 Member content

Get your players warmed up with some Catch and Pass adding some complexity into the drill so they are switched on for their Attack work. Brendon’s Grid Passing with a Moving defence is a good drill for this.

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Part 2. Attack off 9 Strategy 6:29 Member content

England Coach Eddie Jones takes you through how to create shape and attack off 9, particularly for a side that doesn’t have a physical advantage.
Starting in a game like situation encouraging players to identify attacking opportunities while under fatigue.
He then focuses specifically on the relationship between 9, 10 & 12, their communication and ability to exploit space.

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Part 3. Attack Off 10 Strategy 7:58 Member content

Eddie Jones loves his teams playing off the 10. Here he highlights the good lines and the bad, as he teaches us everything about playing off 10. An extension off the 9 this a great video for giving your players play options in a similar context to 9 plays.

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Part 4. Turnover Attack Play 6:22 Member content

Finish with some Turnover Attack play.
Ex Queensland Reds and Leicester Tiger Matt O’Connor details how to execute a Turnover Attack.
Unlike Attack off 9 and 10 plays Turnover Attacks are more ‘play what you see’ but still requires some basic framework and execution steps to be successful.
It is important to include the whole team in the play so everyone is aware of what happens once a turnover is secured.
It is the best attacking ball in the game.

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Duration 28:04
Topics Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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Course reviews

a lot of the content has not changed since 3 yrs ago

South Africa

Once again, very precise information presented very clearly. totally useful information.


Good often this basic strategy is not ingrained into players.


This is good stuff but what can I do when I do not have access to the internet to watch the video’s? Can the video’s be watched off line as well and How?

South Africa

That was excellent, Mr Jones brought up so many solid key points.


Very good

New Zealand

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