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Contesting your own high ball with Wayne Smith

The second in this new series of rugby coaching videos from Wayne Smith is about contesting your own high ball. “It’s a really difficult skill to develop in your players… but it’s a really great skill to work on because there is a great outcome if you can win the ball back.” – Wayne Smith.

Part 1. Contesting your own high ball   16:15 Member content

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Course Part 1
Duration 16:15
Topics Position specific Coaches Corner Catch and Pass Defence
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

muy claro!!!!


Muy didáctico, la progresión del ejercicio nos lleva a una situación real de partido. Brillante. Gracias por traducirlo a español…!!!!!


Brilliant !



Me gustaria que estuviera subtitulado en español como la mayoria de los videos. los nuevos cursos de los jugadores se van a poder ver? Atte. Carlos.


Good clarity. Is it worth using an over chaser same as kick offs banking on defense missing the kick? Also contesting is surely easier from outside in rather than inside out? Also in relation to the 2 support cleaners who take out the pads, they also need to be deep to take advantage of any tap downs form the kick chaser. Love the flip, is it best for jackler to roll away asap if support is there quickly?


Wayne Smith has the best method to teach high-level naturally


awesome presentation my players and I learnt alot


Such a good video. Getting your players to understand this approach to kicking will be a tremendous weapon for scoring points. Jarrod Taylor St Dunstan’s College South Africa

South Africa

Great coaching point thanks Rich. Train to win is all about every participant in the activity rehearsing best practice. This could be a little contest – the judo thrower trying to stop the ball carrier getting a good ball placement and vice versa. Thanks.

New Zealand

porque no esta sustitulado en españoll


Hi Wayne I like the attention to detail, how the technique develops into a skill with the emphasis on associated decision making in a game situation.


Hi Wayne,

I love your videos and your style of coaching. In this video, I think that the over the hip roll tackle will be positive skill acquisition for any player who learns it. However, in the activity the tackled player is constantly placing the ball in the wrong direction. I believe the activity could be improved by encouraging the tackled player to fight to place the ball back towards his own try-line. This will potentially put the tackler in a good position to either steal the ball or disrupt the opposition cleaners.

Thank you for providing these wonderful coaching resources.




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