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Place Kick with Leigh Halfpenny

In this module I will take you through my personal approach to place kicking; from tee and ball placement to body positioning and ball striking. I will show you how I adjust for the conditions and how to leave a missed kick behind you. Finally I will take you through my kicking accuracy drills as great kicking is all about practice, practice, practice...

Part 1. Place Kick   17:42 Member content

Leigh Halfpenny was one of the world’s premier goal kickers. It all started in a small park behind his house. Here is how.

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Course Part 1
Duration 17:42
Topics Player Programme Kicking
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

I’m a good kicker and sometimes I miss my goal but I leave it behind


I would love to go down to the pitch to kick the ball around but it is so hot and I have homework to do :(.


Excellent well presented video, awesome routines with realistic goals for each kicking session.

New Zealand

I am a coach of 3rd level, I’ve never been very good at kicking when I played: With your movies I can better learn the different types of football and then, I hope, be able to teach something to my kids (place Kicking) .


por favor traducir a castellano


Very helpful indeed. Fiji knows how to play 7s but needs to train as hard consistently.


There is not anywhere I kan play the video ?! Can I play it on mobile ?!

South Africa

Great video! Cheers for this! I’m also a huge fan of the drill where you’re 5m off the goal line, aiming for the narrow target. I’d add that it’s also good to use in reverse of how Leigh describes it here. When I’m kicking “around the world” – middle, middle deep, several on the left, then several on the right – if a few are starting to go wayward, then I go back to 5m off the goal line and use the drill shown in the video to “re-focus” my technique and get myself kicking straight again. For new kickers, I advise that ‘success’ in such a drill is not just putting shots between the sticks, but also brushing them as that sort of accuracy is still liable to be successful even from 22m out / touchline shots. We then go back to “around the world” shots at goal with greater focus and confidence. Again, great video. Probably one of the best I’ve seen on the web, and that includes a really good Dave Alred video from IRB Total Rugby!


Amazing. Thank you so much Leigh and Rugby Site! Been trying to work out his technique for ages and then this comes along! Legendary player and kicker. Great, instructional video! Only one I’ve seen that tells you how to deal with wind and missed kicks, and gives some kicking drills! Awesome 10/10.


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