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Loose Forward Roles with Craig Newby

Ex All Black and 7s loose forward, Craig Newby starts his new series.

Part 1. Set Piece - Winning the Kick Off   9:10 Member content

Craig’s first video focuses on winning and retaining the short kick off. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Set Piece - Defensive Scrum Roles of 6, 7, 8 & 9 8:14 Member content

In this video Craig looks at loose forwards role at scrum time. Craig details how each loose forwards role is different but also intertwined both on attack and defence. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Code Hopping 7s to 15s and Back 9:39 Free video

We sit down with one of the very few All Blacks who played both 7s and 15s for his country, Craig Newby. A loose forward in the 15s game and a prop in the 7s game, Craig gets personal on his success and challenges he had when code hopping. He offers thoughts and tips to coaches and players alike to best manage the transition.

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Part 4. Loose forward defensive work off a lineout 7:51 Member content

In this video, Craig is looking at the lines, the dangers, and the ‘sneaky’ things loosies can do from the lineout. Enjoy!

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Part 5. Roles of 6, 7, 8 & 12? 10:50 Member content

We stop in to chat about the role of the 6,7 and 8. He also gives insight into playing 12. Enjoy!

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Part 6. Captaincy 11:12 Member content

Craig has captained most professional teams he has been part of. Now as a coach, he sits back and analyses the traits that kept getting him picked to lead. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Duration 56:16
Topics Player Programme Youth Coaching Position specific
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

simple to understand and implement

South Africa

Superb video! Very helpful!


Craig on a blind side rhs scrum , 8, 9 , 14 , flanker takes first man if they play 8 -9 ?


well explained. This has done wonders for my teams set piece defense.


Being a captain: funny running on first and the ladies!


“Part 4. Loose forward defensive work off a lineout”

No tiene la opción de…

“Click on CC button for other translation options”

Podrán solucionarlo para poder de ver los videos que faltan.


very clear, very concise & effectively simple.


NO esta en español?


Very clear. Very helpful.




Great loose forward session Newbs! Clear and concise…’re still looking sharp mate… even against the guy with his arm in a sling!


aunque no estaba subtitulado, fue bastante claro


Great sessions with Mr. Newby. Looking forward to more from him.


Love it. Good and clear explanation


Thanks. Very good explanation between 7s and 15 side.

New Zealand

I’m italian, i don’t understend when you speak english please or you translate or you subtitle in english


Love it, can’t wait to tackle my dog…


Todo bien, pero no habia otro muchacho para el video? Mandaron a los lesionados


Very useful and practical! look forward next one!!!!


finally a good video on attacking the kick off, most likely say the only video. cheers Newby


Great,well explained !

South Africa

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