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Half Back Pass - All with Tawera Kerr-Barlow

Tawera Kerr-Barlow (born 15 August 1990) is a New Zealand rugby union footballer. His regular playing position is halfback. He plays for the Chiefs in Super Rugby and Waikato in the ITM Cup. Kerr-Barlow represented New Zealand under 20 in the 2010 IRB Junior World Championship.

Part 1. Passing from the ground drills   4:40 Member content

Watch Tawera explain his techniques in preparation for the basics of halfback play.

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Part 2. Passing from a standing position 4:20 Member content

Watch Tawera in part 2 of this series explain his techniques in preparation for the basics of halfback play.

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Course Part 1, Part 2
Duration 09:00
Topics Player Programme Position specific Catch and Pass
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Excellent passing instruction. Perfect for one of my scrum halves who wants to improve his passing off the deck.


Levanta la pelota antes de pasarla. Para que esto no ocurra y no pierda recorrido, la posición del pie derecho debe estar a la misma altura de la pelota, y no la pelota al interno. De esta manera el pase será verdaderamente en un sólo movimiento. También es útil pasar con una mano de pie, para acostumbrarse a no levantarla.


Great stuff – working with a new keen 9 and great stuff to work with as he develops. Cheers


Great passing drill. Clear and concise and simple. Easy to put into practice


I really appreciate the breakdown of weight transfer. Excited to emphasize that with our young 9s.


Very clear good simple drills


As specialist skills Coach with an interest in halfback play, it is always good to see the modern players demonstrating.


This is just what i was looking for! I will be breaking in a new #9 for my Varsity, and will use these videos to help develop my younger players as well. Also since we also play 7s, i will have all of my players work on these skills. These are great. Thanks!


Great video. Simple steps well explained. Good Stuff.


Kei whea mai Tawera #awesomeTKB

New Zealand

Outstanding information delivered with outstanding clarity by an outstanding fulla. Kia Mau te wehi Tawera.

New Zealand


New Zealand

Really enjoyed the way TKB broke down the technical aspects of the pass from the ground. Outstanding explanation & the way he articulated the process

New Zealand

This is just awesome, much appreciated.


Tu meke, from New York City


Great video tutorial of the basics and well presented…

South Africa

Well demonstrated.Great video

South Africa

Good basic session great for young half backs


great drill and fundamental of a halfback pass…..

New Zealand

Great Video


cannot open video that is send to me

South Africa

Great video no fuss, just the skill, the right information nice and simple

New Zealand

es muy bueno


Will definitely be using this with the 9s at the club at all levels


My scrum half will really enjoy these simple tips.

New Zealand

My scrum half will find this very useful.

Chinese Taipei

Simple, clean and uncomplicated – will work this with my scrummies – thanks.

Arabian Gulf

Great video I’m looking forward to putting this to use at practice today.


This well is concrete and easy to transmit. Thank you.


Good drills etc. but the quality is terrible on Chrome – crazy blocky!


Simple tips key points all covered easy to relay to all half backs

New Zealand

Showing how to do the basics well great stuff for young half backs to see. Liked it

New Zealand

I don t watch this video in spanish


Very good and educational with additional skill learnt on scrumhalf passing.

South Africa

Good basics for all age groups Lindsay Ashby Chinchilla, Qld


Very clear and well presented module from a top half back. Basics so important with good technical demonstrations. Excellent


great stuff


Awesome! Tried it myself, and first couple of passes were far from accurate, until I’ve spotted a key detail in Tawera’s performance, which he did not mention: eyes on the ball all the time, all the way… It works


simple and effective explanation


As an aged former no9, this was a simple explanation, with all the relevant points. Excellent as well as enjoyable.


Excellent quality of view of demonstration, verbal explanation, duration and content. Couldn’t have come at a better time for our 12 year olds moving to full playing pitch size.


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