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Half Back - Kicking - HS and A with Sam Cordingley

In this series Sam will explain kicking in an easy to follow format

Part 1. Sam Cordingley - The Box Kick   5:48 Member content

In this video, Sam walks us through what world class 9s are trying to do when box kicking in a game.

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Part 2. No 9 - Walk Through 6:07 Member content

Sam walks through various on field situations with Ben and explains what a No 9 should be thinking and considering.

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Part 3. No 9 - Approach to the Pass 7:10 Member content

Sam talks about the approach to halfback passing from the base. Often a forgotten element but if can perfect this your passing can become lightening quick.

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Part 4. Attacking Lines Running Drill 3:56 Member content

In this video Sam details different running options for a No 9 from the base of the ruck.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Duration 22:21
Topics Player Programme Position specific
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Great video after watching one of the lads who had never kicked a box before was with adjustment to his own style/comfort able to produce near perfect box kicks for his level


Very helpful.


Really good and simple, Carter Croft


Japanese please


Brilliant video! Shared with a club scrum half and in 2 sessions he’s box kicking like a pro. Great height and optimum distance to chase and attempt to regain. So simple yet the results are outstanding. The RFU could learn a lot from this site in how to create coaching videos. Thankyou.


Muy claro!; sigo pidindo traduccion


Some good work on decision making and communication, areas which are often sadly lacking in coaching programs.


Nice pass but I’m a big advocate of Eyes, Feet, Hands which has the 9 checking his options and finding his target before he puts his feet in place to pass the ball. This allows them to put their back foot closer to the ball. Putting back foot close to ball will generate more passing power without having to pick the ball up off ground, hitching or reloading. In saying that, I also know that anything will work if you practice it enough:)


This site is a rip off. I get around 10 -30 secs of video, and then it freezes.


excellent demonstrations to explain principles being covered. Cheers

New Zealand

Good clear commentary and direction given by Sam in this training component for 9s…..could possibly incorporate the advise not to wind-up on passing which is a tendency in younger scrum halves when trying to ensure distance


Like the cheeky comment about “the English 9” in the RWC 2015. Would be great to integrate the chat with some video clips of examples from games, just to set the advice in context. Very useful info though, thank you!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

An excellent demonstration from a good halfback.


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