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Front Row Strength and Conditioning with The Front Row Club

The Front Row Club scrummaging skills series.

Part 1. The Front Row Club Promo   0:53 Free video

A short insight into our Front Row Club Scrummaging Series with Owen Franks and Jase Ryan.


Part 2. What is The Front Row Club 4:13 Free video

Hear from Jase Ryan explain what The Front Row Club is all about. Enjoy! Play video

Part 3. Lower & Upper Body Warm Up Drills 5:56 Member content

In this video, the guys start with lower and upper body warm ups and include plenty of wrestling and core work. Enjoy! Play video

Part 4. Neck Strength Warm Up Drills 5:55 Member content

This exercise series is valid for all rugby players as the neck can be exposed at all contact points in rugby. Plus any neck injury is also usually serious. Play video

Part 5. 1 on 1 Scrummaging 6:52 Member content

Jason Ryan delivers us his thoughts on the art of scrumming for beginners and pros alike. Play video

Part 6. Core Strength for Front Rowers 3:50 Member content

Core strength plays an important part in a rugby players ability to execute skills across the park. While Jase and Owen focus on front rowers core strength development, these drills are applicable for all rugby players. Play video

Part 7. Powa Scrum Sled Session 5:49 Member content

Watch Jase and the team from Front Row Club demonstrate the Powa Scrum Sled, especially suited for front rowers. Enjoy! Play video

Part 8. Owen Franks - Interview 3:31 Free video

Owen opens up about how he transformed from a small uncoordinated kid to an iconic professional athlete. Enjoy! Play video

Part 9. Jase Ryan - Ankorr Harness Drills 5:32 Member content

Get your scrummagers accustomed to more realistic scrumming pressure. The Front Row Club are back and these boys know what practical scrumming is all about. Enjoy! Play video

Part 10. Owen Franks - Strength for Scrummaging 3:20 Member content

Having grown up in a gym, the man knows how to lift weights. He gives The Rugby Site tips on how to master his favourite, most complete exercise in the gym. Enjoy! Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
Duration 43:11
Topics Player Programme Espanol Conditioning Position specific
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Great ideas and progressions for lower body & core warm ups.. Army Rugby


fantastic drills.was wondering if its possible to have some problem solving drills.of the loosehead and tighthead

South Africa

great stuff….awesome….very helpful to us here in Fiji


great stuff guys, really helpful for my young girls team


Muy bueno , bien explicado Súper


From where can I buy the anchor harness?

South Africa

Great staff,it will help for future work :)

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hi guys, My 15 year old son made the transition from blindside to Hooker last year & used your drills & advice thru this period getting his core & neck ready. Next step is Hawkes Bay u16s trial. Thanks Ryan

New Zealand

Some great ideas for warm ups there. Thanks guys

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Safety First… Awesome Jase, teach youngsters good safe scrum technique early in their playing career as they will be the coaches of the future… Hope you don’t mind me asking, do you have a contact in Perth, WA?


Muy bueno!!


Big thanks to Jason and Frank brothers for sharing your knowledge really appreciate it.


Fantastic video , as a coach who is an old hooker this video helps re-invent the art of scrummaging great work


Thanks very much guys. Try it with my team and help alots with our sCrum. I can’t wait for the next vedio available.

New Zealand

Great reinforcement tool for me to pass on to my players.




New material, good demos, and clear delivery. What else do you need?


Yep. Just the right content just in time! Thank You.


Excellent source material. Keep up the good work Jase!


Great to see all the positive feedback coming in

New Zealand

We can’t get enough of segments like this that are sport and position specific. Awesome!


Excellent content! Easy to replicate with a wide range of players, not just front row.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

More, more, more please! Great work on the FRC Ben.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Looks really good, when will the next video be available to watch


no video portion just audio


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