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Breakdown and Tackle Skills Series with Josh Syms

Josh Syms takes a refreshing look at the breakdown and tackle. He breakdown the skill set and has uses specific drills to improve the skills.

Part 1. Josh Syms Interview   18:47 Free video

Watch Josh Syms talk to our Producer, Warren about his background and insights. Enjoy!


Part 2. Breakdown Primer Work & Body Awareness 6:19 Member content

In this video, Josh covers skills with primer work and body awareness. Enjoy! Play video

Part 3. Attacking Ball Breakdown (Fog) Fight on the Ground 16:59 Member content

In this video, we hear from Josh as he starts introducing drills to help you develop the skill to win the 'fight' at the breakdown. Enjoy! Play video

Part 4. Defensive Breakdown Slowing & Stealing Ball 17:06 Member content

Watch Josh in his latest video on fight at the breakdown. Enjoy! Play video

Part 5. 1 on 1 Breakdown (Part 1) 11:36 Member content

Josh goes 1 on 1 Breakdown training with Hurricane Hugh Renton. Focusing on drills to steal or slow the ball down. Enjoy! Play video

Part 6. 1 on 1 Breakdown (Part 2) 9:17 Member content

Josh continues his 1 on 1 FOG Breakdown training with Hurricane Hugh Renton. Shoulders past the ball, one sweep and hook into the chest. Play video

Part 7. Tackle Primer Work - Getting in a good position 12:38 Member content

This week, Josh begins with primer drills to get your body in a good position for the tackle. Enjoy! Play video

Part 8. Tackle (part 1 of 2) - Footwork to effect a good chop tackle 15:07 Member content

In this video, Josh shows us how to build on our tackle and good tackle techniques. Enjoy! Play video

Part 9. Tackle (part 2 of 2) - The punch through & bite 10:41 Member content

In this video, Josh continues with part 2 of the tackle - creating a good tackle technique. Enjoy! Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
Duration 118:30
Topics Player Programme Coaches Corner
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Confess I didn’t know Josh before but really enjoyed this session. Good detail.




muy bueno!!! muy detallada la explicación desmenuzando punto por punto


Great stuff. I’ll be incorporating it into training on Monday.


Great content, I will definitely use this with my team.


Great content! Cheers from Brazil




Nice work lots of detail fine points

New Zealand

Excellent, well thought out progression of drills.


Really useful and well explained, going to use this at practice today!!!


Very good,great detail will definitely use these techniques

South Africa

Great stuff Cheers

New Zealand

Right up there with the very best coaches on this site


very considered and great detail. Drills are very relevant and ‘deliverable’


Absolutely chock full of articulate and useable drills to help with the breakdown. The u18s on Thursday will love It! Thank you, Josh.


Great… Will add trace as an extention to our hip pop drill… and add to our awareness of space drills at the breakdown… thanx…


This is a very clear demo which is easy to follow including fresh explanations as to what players can do more of to win or keep the ball…excellent thank you!


Very good, I enjoyed it and will use these techniques.


Very useful drills and clearly explained from Josh, will use at training tomorrow!


Fantastic session. Far too many young players want to present the ball too quickly rather than fight to provide good ball. THE most important player in a breakdown is the ball carrier.


Great videos tugbys still a simple game and creating relationships. great interveiw great mindset drills & primers . def knows his stuff around the contact area

New Zealand

Some good technical detail from Josh around the breakdown and good to see that he also identified safety points as well

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Excellent presentation very clear and concise application of biomechanics to the breakdown


Excellent stuff, pitched at a good level for all standards of player to appreciate the message and some really handy coaching pointers


Muy pero muy buenos ejercicios hace mucho que no subían ejercicios de este tipo. Ojalá lo empiecen a hacer mas seguido. Los felicito !!!!


Very efficient drills for working on strong body position.


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