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Dan Carter - Kicking with Dan Carter

Graham Henry on Carter: He’s up among the greatest first five eighths of all time. He is a very intelligent rugby player with high personal standards. He’s the All Blacks navigator. Richie McCaw on Carter: He has the time to make it look easy even when he is making decisions on the hop. He runs the game for us and does it with so much poise that his confidence lifts the players around him.

Part 1. Dan Carter Spiral kick   6:08 Member content

There is nothing better than unleashing a long raking spiral kick. In this video I’ll take you through my technique checklist for the spiral kick.

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Part 2. Dan Carter Drop Punt 5:43 Member content

There is nothing better than unleashing a long raking drop punt. In this video I’ll take you through my technique checklist for the drop punt and the factors that influence and dictate which punt I choose. Play video

Part 3. Dan Carter Drop kick restarts 6:59 Member content

Learning how to drop kick is challenging, it takes a lot of hard work, practice and dedication. But when you do nail it, it’s very rewarding. From the drop height, to balance, shoulder positioning and follow through, in this video I will take you through the different types of drop kicks and my checklist for their perfect execution. Play video

Part 4. Dan Carter Place Kick 6:44 Member content

In this video I’ll take you through the physical and mental techniques I use to be an effective goal kicker. Goal kicking is a big part of my game that requires a lot of time, dedication and sacrifice. It’s taken years of practice, but I love what I do and I hope sharing this information with you helps your game. Play video

Part 5. Dan Carter - Decision Making on Attack 7:03 Member content

Identifying where the space is and getting the ball there as quickly as possible is the key to any effective attack. In this video I’ll take you through what I look for in an opposition defence that shapes my decision making on attack. Play video

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Topics Kicking Player Programme
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Languages English

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Course reviews

Awesome tips from the man

New Zealand

Spledid and I learn a lot from your website..


Very good


Hi Dan I’ve seen a lot of your kicking tutorials and I’ve noticed 1 key element that is similar with all your videos including this one……Your foot movement up to just prior to the contact between boot & ball. I feel as though this is a secret recipe as I have never managed to find it in any of your videos. Q – Could this be the major “war winner” to the whole process?

Thank you

New Zealand

Great video, will defs learn and practice from


Hi Dan, In this drop kicking instructional clips your head is down when you make your kicks, you don’t mention this as part of the kicking motion. Is keeping your head down important to proper form while kicking the ball?


Very Good


great video from the best! thanks from Riley.

New Zealand

can’t see it.


hi Dan you are so good I love your video

New Zealand

Please, i suscribe and i paid in this site for to watch the videos in spanish !!


Good video. I would like to see a little more about aiming the kick. How is the body positioned (in approach then follow thru) in relation to where you want the ball to end up.


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