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Lockdown Rugby with Ben Herring

Rugby begins at home with Lockdown Rugby! Ben Herring is back with family and friends in a 6 week series of Rugby activity around the home. Tryline Couch, Passing Walls, Agility Chairs and plenty more. Learning Rugby and having fun with the family or flatmates.

Part 1. Lockdown Rugby Preview   0:28 Free video

Coach and dad, Ben wrestles with his starting team for Lockdown rugby.
The 12 part series starting next week. View the promo now!


Part 2. Lockdown Rugby - Couch Tackle 2:48 Free video

In this video, the children have fun scoring on TryTime couch past Dad Ben, learning how to beat a tackle. Ben on the other hand highlights the tackle skills while trying to prevent the tries being scored. Enjoy!

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Part 3. Lockdown Rugby - Wrestling 2:40 Free video

Lockdown Rugby continues as Ben wrestles with the children to develop resilience, how to twist, turn, roll and build strength in the contact. Children love wrestling especially with Mum and Dad. Get knocked down and get back up again.

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Part 4. Lockdown Rugby - Obstacle Course Evasion 2:16 Free video

Ben’s children are out to take dad down again! This time in the Backyard with Evasion and Catch and Pass, past the Obstacle course. Enjoy!

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Part 5. Lockdown Rugby - Halfback Pass 3:03 Free video

Get your pass off the ground as fast as possible without breaking anything in the house! Ben is with bottle and string has Rocket developing his Pass of the Ground in our latest edition of Lockdown Rugby. Get close to the Ball, Rip the Grip, Stay Low, Hands to the Target.

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Part 6. Lockdown Rugby - Bottle Spin Pass 3:38 Free video

In our latest edition of Lockdown Rugby, we have Huxley (with coke bottle in hand), with dad Ben, putting some Spin and Power into her Pass. Enjoy!

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Part 7. Lockdown Rugby - Bag Kick 2:29 Free video

In this video, Ben puts the ball in the bag! The bag is a great way for getting the hands closer to the ball and no breakages in the house a win:win. Enjoy!

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Part 8. Lockdown Rugby - Balloon High Ball Catch 2:28 Free video

In the latest video of this series, Ben shows us how balloons and soft balls enable young players to build confidence in catching objects from above their head. Enjoy!

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Part 9. Lockdown Rugby - Distraction 3:06 Free video

This week, Ben is getting in the children’s face and being very distracting as they try to focus on catching their game. Enjoy!

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Part 10. Lockdown Rugby - Concentration 3:24 Free video

In Ben’s latest video, he shows us how to focus during training. Not that easy for younger children. Enjoy!

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
Duration 26:20
Topics Coaches Corner
Applicable to Others  
Languages English

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Course reviews

muy ludico y didáctico para los infantiles


Very useful and simple


Love these indoor training moves!


Great I share those ideas with my BRC U8 team … Thanks they like it Cheers


Great! I heard a of a visualisation technique imagining exactly this line- but of course you can actually make one!


Excelente idea! Muy útil para practicar la técnica del pase.


this informative to involve the little ones

South Africa

Since we are trying to figure out ways to communicate with our players and engage them, is it possible to share this series onto a group chat or private messenger? I only have a limited number of email allowances to send them to players and I don’t want to have to choose between my players. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks




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