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The Master of Defence with Sir Graham Henry

Your team's character is epitomised by its defence. In this video I'll share with you my philosophy of defence and also introduce specific activities that I believe in and use to build and test defence systems, from set piece through to general play. Good luck!

Part 1. Defence   37:24 Member content

Your team’s character is epitomised by its defence. In this video I’ll share with you my philosophy of defence and also introduce specific activities that I believe in and use to build and test defence systems, from set piece through to general play. Good luck!

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Part 2. Defence Remix - Line Integrity 7:31 Member content

Ex All Black coach and defence master, Sir Graham Henry's defence video is a 'classic' and one of the most watched videos in our library. We have re-cut this to a shorter, easy to watch format. Enjoy! Play video

Part 3. Line defence - when down on numbers 5:12 Member content

In our latest 'classic' remix Ex All Black and World Cup winning coach and defence master Sir Graham Henry with his line up of future international stars demonstrates how it is possible. Enjoy! Play video

Part 4. Line Defence - From a Line Out 4:48 Member content

In this video, defence master Sir Graham Henry is with his line up to consider different lineout defence options. Enjoy! Play video

Part 5. Line Defence - From a Scrum 8:19 Member content

Do you defend a left side, right side or middle scrum the same or differently? Find out now! Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 63:14
Topics Coaches Corner
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

Simple instruction and easy to understand. Thanks Graham.


simplicity, sometimes we overthink, thanks – great session




Excellent as always.


outstanding says it all . cheers Graham

New Zealand

my team always had a jagged line.cant wait to do this session with them

South Africa

Great video which highlights the key points of a good defence. Would like a bit more explanation on the shape of the defence which would appear more of a v shape rather than a straight line. This is also a simple drill that can be expanded to focus on a number of key skills in a small sided game.


NO puedo ver el vdo de defensa de Gragam Henry ! Aguardo solución . Saludos .


Please, could you put the subtitles in Spanish?


Absolutely sensational knowledge, drills, and insight! Thank you for the access


Spanish translation, or at least english subtitles, please


Great to see simplicity by boiling it down into practical drills and very useful take homes. Very helpful. Thanks to GH!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Al seleccionar videos en español aparece este video. Pero solo esta subtitulado en chino y frances… por favor pongan los subtitulos…


Great video . Maybe for future videos it might be an idea for the players to be wearing numbers on their backs to make it easier to identify which players should where


Clear pathway to build a defensive system for your team.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Spanish subtitules.


Maintain integrity of line, good key point

New Zealand

thank you for the Japanese subtitles. it becomes more easier to understand.


No subtitulan en español


Another master delivery, very clear.


Excellent- straightforward, well explained and asks for ‘imagination’ input from coaches.

South Africa

It’s not loading, for some reason…

South Africa

Brilliant stuff! Basic and genius at the same time.


Excellent video I have drummed in to my club side, line speed, line integrity, tackle technique and communication along with a good work rate and attitude. Defences win Championships and that is true as we have been crowned league champions with 2 games to spare, best defence in the league. Thank you Sir Graham and Rugby Site.


Love it, I have used the same system with A,B,C but you have put it in a lot more detail and especially with all the structures and communication, line integrity, just awesome …. thanks


The great thing is these lessons can be applied to any level


The attention to detail around Line speed, line integrity and communication is of vital importance in defense structures and applid systems. This video is extremely helpfull and informative, the naration nd visual display is simply excellent.

South Africa

I have learned a lot of what we can do to keep the ball going…


Muy completo y claro , nos muestra lo importante que es la defensa de juego abierto y desde las posiciones fijas , con buena comunicación , saber dónde estar y a quien tácklear y buena lectura


One ward AMAZING! I don’t know where to start to explain how helpful this video is to my team as a coach and as a player. Everything makes so much sense and easy to apply in the game. As a coach you will learn what to do and as a player these drills will help you to be better and use it as. Your advantage.


Look forward to putting this into our training sessions. Cheers GH.

New Zealand

It’s the same as Post / Pillar or Guard / Body Guard, who protect the fringes, and the Lead who takes the obvious first receiver. I’ve found it easier to just call them A, B, and C. A pressures ball, B assists A or checks inside ball from first receiver, C covers first receiver. The “inside” as mentioned at the clinic deals with the fact that practically every international team can put more width between 9 and 10 than most of us school / amateur coaches see, and have at least one, if not multiple runners, capable of attacking the space between them.

Great drills in this, and I like that the line isn’t totally ‘flat’ with the slight ‘v’ shape allowing the outside defenders to see what’s going on inside them and not over-running their team mates (allowing inside attackers to slip behind them). Also easier to cover line breaks and kicks as such.


Hey Cam, the way I interpreted it RAIL was an advancement made on the system shown here. Graham said in Toronto that for the longest time his All Black team used RAL, but they only brought along the ‘I’ in RAIL in the last short while. I think the 1,2, or RAL is used here as really the RAIL system was created to cater specifically to his NZ side and their opposition. That is to say, RAL would be easier for a coach to implement for a school/club side. Hope I’m close to being right.

Awesome clinic and video.


At a recent clinic Sir Graham put on in Canada the defensive set up he discussed was RAIL (Rock, Action, Inside, Leader) rather than 1, 2, Lead. Is RAIL a simply an exention to this video?


there is a typo right at the end Graham means “Roles” as opposed to rolls which would actually be kinda confusing to a novice, please tidy up

on the whole graham shows his class and this is my favourite vid i’ve purchased so far close second goes to “buiding a backline” by Wayne Smith


New Zealand

Excellent video. I really appreciated the “chalk talk” as well as the little touch of when Graham Henry addressed the viewer directly. It made it seem more interactive than simply watching a video.


Good vid. PDF should include info on the defensive structure for the various scenarious mentioned.


Outstanding explanation.


Great vid.

Positives: real time sessions; loads of good tips that look at the whole rugby player and coaching ethos; and progressive game-based drills.

The PDF accompaniments are a must!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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