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Approach to the Breakdown - Y and HS with Nick Stiles

Watch Queensland coach Nick Stiles show us how to approach different breakdown situations.

Part 1. Nick Stiles - Approach to the Breakdown   6:13 Member content

Watch Nick explain how to clean out effectively, using key elements. Enjoy!

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Part 2. Nick Stiles - Breakdown Hook Shield Drill 10:31 Member content

Nick takes us through a Hook Shield drill to help players secure the breakdown.

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Course Part 1, Part 2
Duration 16:44
Topics Coaches Corner Breakdown
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Absolutely solid


Nice and simple explanation, good demonstration,easy to transfer to the players! Thank you :)


can’t open video

New Zealand

muy bueno


very good info

New Zealand

great technique love it

South Africa

An incredible analysis of basic technical points quite often overlooked.


Really good

New Zealand

this Video takes you deeper into the technique of clearing out the ruck. We have put an emphasis on getting under the shoulders of the opponent, not just getting low and blowing into “below the waist”


can’t see part 1!


Tu meke


Excellent explination. Thanks


Why can’t see the video?


very well explained.


Great explanation and understanding of how to clean-out. Great drill starting from a controlled start to an effective rush/thinking drill.


Good basic instruction with technique being continually taught. Good Video.


Great drill, will explained,great teaching method, which was clear to see.

New Zealand

Great drill, very well explained.


por favor traducir al español


Traduccion !!!!!!!


Muy buen video . Cuando estará traducido al español ?? Saludos


I like the simplicity of this drill and Coach Stiles’ explanation and desire for correct technique at slower pace rather than brute force.


Nice video, simple technique tough very effective


It is good to see the pros not getting it right on every rep. It helps me to teach my young players to focus on the fundamentals. It helps to instill our mantra of the basics of Rugby apply to all levels. Thanks again.


Good simple drill, great to see Nick put an emphasis on the footwork. i have seen other similar drills without this important point.I will use this drill with my players.




Este ejercicio le da al jugador la claridad de que tiene que impactar con su hombro y un blanco claqro que esta debajo del hombro opositor.-


Clear and concise, good to see Nick as a top flight coach.


great explination

New Zealand

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