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Catch and Pass - Other Types with Wayne Smith

There are many different types of Catch and Pass used on the rugby pitch. In this series will explain and demonstrate many of them from the half pass to high ball catch and offload pass.

Part 1. Half Back Pass off the Ground   4:40 Member content

For all you half backs playing – one of the best passes in the game Ex All Black half back Tawera Kerr Barlow explains the key points to pass off the ground.

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Part 2. Half Back Pass from a Standing Position 4:20 Member content

Tawera in part 2 of his series explains his techniques to pass the ball from a standing start.

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Part 3. Catch a High Ball 13:25 Member content

One of the best exponents in the game, British and Irish lion and Wales Fullback Leigh Halfpenny takes you through the technical aspects of highball catching, from having a loud clear call, to the take off, arm positioning and finally having explosiveness on landing.

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Part 4. Receiving the High Ball 19:13 Member content

Ex All Black and 2x World cup winning coach Wayne Smith demonstrates a series of the most up-to-date, safe, and effective techniques for winning the ball back from high kicks.

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Part 5. Contesting your own High Ball 16:16 Member content

In this video Wayne features contesting your own high ball.

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Part 6. Mechanics of the Cat Flap Offload 7:44 Member content

In this 3 part series Ryan Martin, Otago Rugby attack and Otago Boys High School coach, takes us through his ‘Cat Flap’ Offload.

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Part 7. Introducing speed to the Cat Flap 5:39 Member content

In part 2 of Ryan ‘Cat Flap’ offload he adds layers of complexity to make the execution game ‘speed’.

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Part 8. Putting the Cat Flap under Pressure 3:35 Member content

Ryan now puts the Cat Flap into a competitive game situation to test the players skill execution under pressure.

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Part 9. Offload Basics 2:35 Member content

Offloading is now a big part of any rugby attack plan. But how do you teach an offload? Where do you start? Japan’s Kobe Steelers coaching Kyohei Morita and his Kobe players demonstrate how to safely develop you offloading in contact.

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Part 11. The Lateral Pass 6:04 Member content

Ex Leicester and Queensland Reds coach Matt explains and demonstrates the mechanics of the lateral pass.

Remember each and every player needs to catch and pass.

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Duration 77:27
Topics Catch and Pass
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Realy clear. Alligned with Wayne Smith’s series. New tip “front elbow high”. 2nd drill excelent.


Very good, really breaks down the skill.


Interesting development of the “Cat Flap” pass introduced by Ryan Martin elsewhere in this series. The use of the Tackle Pad to develop an off load from the ground is good. Watch the recent Argentina v All Blacks game, 29/9/18, aprox 19 mins into the game All Blacks No 3 Fasasi (correct spelling?) slips to ground with the ball in open play and off loads a Cat Flap pass as shown in this drill. Superb pass and confirmation that these drills and skills work in a game setting.


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