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Richie Gray Series with Richie Gray

Richie has used his expertise to develop a range of technical training equipment to help player’s skill development. If you own a Rhino scrum machine, Power Disk, Collision King, Ruck Warrior ,Grip’n’rip or Arms of Steel tackle bag, he is the man behind it.

Part 1. Richie Gray - Rhino Technical Training Aids   9:56 Free video

Watch this FREE intro from Richie explain the Rhino technical training aids and why they are so important to improve your game!


Part 2. Rhino Collision King - Grip & Rip Bag (drill 1) 4:07 Member content

In the 1st drill of the series, Richie starts with the Collision King and technique at the Breakdown. Enjoy! Play video

Part 3. Rhino Collision King - Grip & Rip Bag (drill 2) 3:52 Member content

In the 2nd drill of the series, Richie continues with the Collision King and technique covering tackle, roll and dynamic crawl. Enjoy! Play video

Part 4. Rhino Collision King - Grip & Rip Bag (drill 3) 5:17 Member content

In Richie's latest video, we look at the art of 'stealing the ball'. Enjoy! Play video

Part 5. Rhino Collision King - Grip & Rip Bag (drill 4) 5:05 Member content

In the 4th drill of this series, we look at stealing drills. Enjoy! Play video

Part 6. Rhino Collision King - Grip & Rip Bag (drill 5) 4:43 Member content

This week Richie adds a dynamic element to the Collision King drills. A sure way to test the technique of the players. Enjoy! Play video

Part 7. Rhino Collision King - Arms of Steel (drill 6) 3:46 Member content

Isolating the arm wrap at the tackle is this week's focus. Enjoy! Play video

Part 8. Rhino Collision King - Multi Skills Bag Intro 3:20 Member content

In Richie's latest video, he covers drills with the multi skills bag. Enjoy! Play video

Part 9. Rhino Collision King - Multi Skills Bag - Drill 1 3:20 Member content

Watch Richie in drill 1 of the multi skills bag series. Enjoy! Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
Duration 43:26
Topics Breakdown Coaches Corner Training Equipment Drills
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

traducir ¡¡


This series is basically a 30 minute infomercial for Rhino products. They’re good and all, but I’d prefer an instructional series that doesn’t require $2000 worth of equipment.


Quería avisarles que el video (Part 5. Rhino Collision King – Grip & Rip Bag (drill 4) ) llega al minuto 3 y después es una imagen en negro hasta los 5 min. Solo quería avisarles para que modifiquen el video. Gracias y muy buen trabajo !!!


Top stuff. I’ve also watched a lot of Richie’s work with SA Rugby. Combines the technical with dynamic functional Drills that a game relevant.


Great session I like the grip and rip bag for its height at contact and the drive through, would it be better to give an of side line for the guys to turn their bodies to a better position we get pinged a bit with the timing of the tackler and I get my guys to call clear after the tackle to let the ref know the tackle release is complete before attacking the ball. Cheers great bag

New Zealand

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