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Attack Breakdown - HS and A with Laurie Fisher

Know what outcomes you want to achieve for your Attack Breakdown.

Then build your techniques and tactics to achieve it is ex Wallabies Assistant Coach and Brumbies Head Coach Laurie Fisher's approach to the developing a successful Attack Breakdown.

In this series Laurie demonstrates how he develops his Attack Breakdown approach

Part 1. Attack Breakdown Series Preview   1:46 Free video

We preview Laurie Fisher’s Attack Breakdown series.


Part 2. Attack Breakdown Philosophy and Priorities 8:52 Member content

QRB, Retain possession, get over the gain line are just a couple of many attack breakdown objectives.

As Laurie Fisher discusses the array of possible options with the YRCF coaches.

Suitable for all age groups.

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Part 3. Attack Breakdown Warm Up 6:57 Member content

Widen your base, speed up your feet, drop your hips and hinge at the waist

are Wallabies Assistant Coach Laurie Fisher’s key messages to the support players as he warms up his players in his Attack Breakdown series from the YRCF2024.

Watch as he also explains his rationale behind the ball carrier going to ground north/south.

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Part 4. Carry and Groundwork at the Breakdown 7:30 Member content

Go heavy into contact

is one of Laurie Fisher’s key messages for his players going into contact.

Laurie takes his players through a breakdown drill maximising the opportunity to deliver main outcome priority Quick Ruck Ball from the breakdown.

Laurie uses Hit Shields in this session but it can be performed without them as the focus is on the ball carrier’s actions.

Set the training drills to achieve your outcome.

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Part 5. Attack Breakdown - Clearout 10:02 Member content

Hands up, hit down and chase

Just one of Australian Assistant coach Laurie Fisher’s ‘Right Habits’ he looks to install in his players during the YRCF2024 at the Attack Breakdown Clear Out.

Laurie delivers a game like breakdown for the 1st support player to make an effective clear out to achieve his Breakdown outcomes.

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Part 6. Clearout - Promo 1:30 Free video

Take a quick look at next week’s release – Laurie Fisher’s final Attack Breakdown session – The Clear Out


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Part 7. Support Player Cleanout Role 0:56 Free video

See what’s install in next week’s release from Australian Assistant coach Laurie Fisher’s is his final Attack Breakdown series release filmed the YRCF2024, St Joseph Nudgee College, Brisbane, Australia. Play video

Part 8. Attack Breakdown Support Player Roles 8:29 Member content

Inside support – win the race and lock the ball

Outside support – spike or boost

are the support players primary tasks for Australian Assistant coach Laurie Fisher’s Attack Breakdown.

In his latest released filmed at the YRCF2024, St Joseph Nudgee College, Brisbane, Australia, Laurie expertly builds the Attack Breakdown activity for each player to understand their roles then execute together in a game like Attack Breakdown.

Note: Laurie’s training sessions are not about volume but about quality and % of quality per player per activity.

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Part 9. Know What you Are Coaching and Double Effort Drill 8:17 Member content

Gainline and Quick Ruck Ball – Happy days

But as long as Assistant Australian Coach Laurie Fisher gets QRB – his Attack Breakdown objective is achieved.

Plus Laurie’s delivers final Double Effort Breakdown drill bringing the previous drills together in match like situation.

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Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
Duration 55:00
Topics Breakdown
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

Absolutely amazing, so well detailed on the break down. thanks so much Laurie!!

Arabian Gulf

Great details, thanks Laurie


So happy to see Laurie with The Rugby Site!!!! been following him forever and still use his rucks drills from 2017, lol!!! So happy to see him with you all!


Simple and to the point makes you think and gets the creative mind working!


I like that he mentions that you need to find out what your outcomes are beforehand. That will determine how you approach your coaching.

South Africa

I thought it was very useful in that it went through all types scenarios in the break down for each player


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