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Attack Strategies - HS and A with Eddie Jones

In this series, we look at simple Attack Strategies you can adopt including strategies from World Cup winning coaches Wayne Smith and Eddie Jones.

Part 1. Coaching Philosophies   0:34 Free video

Recognised as one of the best rugby coaches in the modern era and Rugby site Founder, Wayne Smith shares his successful coaching philosophies.


Part 2. Wide Wide Attack 26:24 Member content

In this video, we integrate forwards into the attacking line after a wide strike move.

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Part 3. Same Way Team Attack: Using forwards in the attacking line 27:37 Member content

In this video, Ex All black and 2x World Cup winning coach Wayne Smith looks at bringing your forwards into our attack off 9.

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Part 4. Attack off 9 16:07 Member content

In this video World Cup winning and England coach Eddie Jones takes you through how to create shape and attack off 9, particularly for a side that doesn’t have a physical advantage.

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Part 5. Attack Options off 10 7:58 Member content

World Cup winning and England coach Eddie Jones loves his teams playing off ten. Here he highlights the good lines and the bad, as he teaches us everything about playing off ten.

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Part 6. Attacking the defence 3:12 Member content

World Cup winning and England coach Eddie Jones continues his Attack off 10 Attack options. In this video it is all about Attacking the defence.

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Part 7. Looking for space in the defensive line 10:11 Member content

World Cup winning and England coach Eddie Jones continues his Attack off 10 Attack options. In this video it is all about looking for space in the defensive line.

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Part 8. Attack Shape, Role Clarity - Block Session 8:24 Member content

In this video, Aaron explains attack shape, broken down block by block. Enjoy!

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Part 9. Attack Shape & Communication 13:56 Member content

In this video, Aaron explains how to keep your Attack shape in a dynamic match situation. Enjoy!

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Part 10. Attack Shape, Role Clarity - Block Session from a Scrum 5:28 Member content

Aaron is back using his Blocks to present different 1-3-3-1 Scrum Attack shape. Enjoy!

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Part 11. 3 Pod Attack Formation 12:25 Member content

This week Aaron Jones, with the Hutt Valley High school 1st XV players brave the Wellington weather to explain how the formation takes shape on the pitch. Enjoy!

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Part 12. Attack Shape, Edge Attack 9:20 Member content

In this video, Aaron and his players take their Attack to the Edge. Enjoy!

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Part 13. Turnover Attack 6:22 Member content

Ex Leicester and Queensland Reds coach Matt O’Connor demonstrates how to turn turn over ball into attacking possession.

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Part 14. Attack Shape 1-3-3-1, Putting it all Together 7:28 Member content

Aaron and his players are back this week putting their 1-3-3-1 Attack Altogether. Enjoy!

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Part 15. Attack fundamentals to counter defence set up’s 8:57 Member content

Countering defences is about being positive in attack and not passive.
Put into practice what Ex Leicester and Queensland Red coach Matt O’connor says and you are well on the way to scoring tries and winning games.

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Part 15. Momentum and Mismatch in Turnover Attack 4:52 Member content

Last week, we introduced Alex O’Dowd, Nottingham assistant and NTU head coach and ex North Harbour (NZ) coach and Turnover Attack.

This week, Alex with his NTU players find the momentum going forward and look for the mismatch in the turnover attack.

Find the 9

Find the player in momentum

Find the mismatch

Find the tryline

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Part 16. Turn Over Attack - Alignment Drill 5:03 Member content

This week we introduce Alex O’Dowd, Nottingham assistant and NTU head coach and ex North Harbour (NZ) coach.

Alex with his NTU players explains how to make the most of turnover ball.

The drill build’s on Matt O’Connor’s Turnover Attack Drill.

Space is on the edge

Early catch

Stay square

Maintain depth

Get it to the edge and space

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Duration 163:03
Topics Attack
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Languages English

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Course reviews

I love the idea of not playing off of a playbook or a tightly structured attack – BUT to play what is in front of you…training players to make their own decisions.


Very good simple pods explained. Very good work Aaron.

South Africa

Fantastic series that does a great job illustrating the structure and evolution of 1-3-3-1 through the phases.


Great insight on a new attack formation. Biggest challenge is figuring out where/when backs enter the play. Having backs & forwards wearing different color bids would really clarify who is going where.


Video did not work

Sri Lanka

Great video and loved your use of the blocks and drone footage + basic video editing.


Traducir al español por favor!!!!


Great way of using such a simple item as wooden block, like the ownership self organisation aspect


Aaron does a great job of showing ‘what’ and ‘how’. Somehow I missed ‘why’. Where can I find ‘why’?


Outstanding series of videos that are clear and concise The concept of blocks as an alternate to a white board is fantastic and invites buy in and creativity from the players


Good visual demonstration of attack structure. I think this is the same concept that Graham Henry tried to illustrate on a white board during the clinic in California, but this is a much clearer way of showing how this kind of structure works. However, even though each position’s role is described, it’s hard to see the numbers on the blocks. I like it when the players move their own position’s block – gets them more involved.


I really liked the different perspectives from the drone, go pro, etc.. Good job editing all the pieces together.


per favore i sottotitoli in inglese o spagnolo. io sono italiano e NoN undestend Inglish. Tanck YOU!


Thanks Coach Jones- I like the clarity provided to the players in just a few words -brief but comprehensive. Also the interactive nature of the session and your blocks -thanks for sharing.

New Zealand

Excellent video on attack structure.


Thought video very insightful and easy to follow and understand – use a 2/3/3 spilt myself but will look at 1/3/3/1 – it is obviously easier to run these attack shapes off line outs and wide scrums with the space outside – would like to see this attack pattern off a mid field scrum


Good job Jonesy.

New Zealand

On point, great to see these various shapes being demonstrated. Look forward to 2-4-2 and maybe 1-3-2-2????


great video.


Great video very useful, when is part 2 available?


I really like the visual, use of blocks, and the manipulative idea. I sense this might help my players better understand any concept you are trying to help them with. Thanks for a great explanation and a great idea.


Very creative Aaron. Can you do a formation where you transition from 1-3-3-1 to 2-4-2 and vice versa? Cheers.


I use bottle caps.


Great simple way to engage even the younglings


that video is amazing


Love the use of blocks, saves me carrying a white board and magnetic numbers, works like a general planning a battle. Really good. Carter Croft.


Great way to engage young players in the thought process around roles and relevance of structure in attack, thanks


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