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Attack Session Plan - Junior with The Rugby Site

An Attack session for junior players is simply about evading players, understanding space and having fun plenty of fun. Coupled with Catch and Pass sessions this is all junior players need before they enter contact and set piece play. Ben Herring has produced some great content for coaches to use with your young players.

Part 1. Warm-up Rugby Netball   6:20 Free video

Try to always start your sessions with your players warming up with the rugby ball in hand. Rugby Netball is a great way for young players to start learning the concept of space and working towards it.


Part 2. Evasion Basics 4:43 Member content

Now get the new players (young or old) into games learning and having fun trying to evade each other. As Ben demonstrates celebrate, praise and promote good skills. The players will aspire to follow. Play video

Part 3. The Magic Step 7:47 Member content

You can start giving your players some tools to help them evade their opponents. Start with the Step - everyone big or small, young or old loves to beat their opponent with 'The Magic Step'. Play video

Part 4. The Fend 8:43 Member content

Now look to introduce the Fend into the evasion process. Work through the technical steps and then go back to Ben's 1 on 1 evasion so the players can see how they are progressing. Have fun, recognise the good skill so all the players can see it. Play video

Part 5. Hitting the Gaps 3:56 Member content

Now give your players a chance to put their new skills together and focus them on trying to hit the gap and find the space. Have fun. Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Duration 31:29
Topics Attack Youth Coaching Session Plans
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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