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Attack Basics - All with Wayne Smith

In this series some of the world's best attack coaches explain the fundamentals of attack play from discipline in our running lines, our timing and our quality of pass, backline structure, support play and continuity. When we put them all together they will make up the framework of how we play.

Part 1. Developing a Great Team   2:02 Member content

Successful Irish coach Joe Schmidt talks to The Rugby Site about what he believes makes a great rugby team.

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Part 2. Attack Fundamentals 33:20 Member content

Successful Ireland coach Joe Schmidt goes through the very basics of attack. How to draw and pass, what lines to run, why and when. Gold from a master coach.

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Part 3. Coaching Philosophies 1:09 Free video

Coach of the resurgent Scotland team Gregor Townsend talks to The Rugby Site about his coaching philosophies.

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Part 4. First Receiver Fundamentals - Catching in Isolation 9:44 Member content

One of the best attack coaches in game Scotland coach Gregor Townsend from his Attack Fundamentals series.

Gregor is focusing on the 1st receiver and their requirements.

Skills he uses in his approach with his rejuvenated Scotland national team.

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Part 5. First Receiver Fundamentals - Backline Setting 9:35 Member content

In this video, Gregor extends his Attack Fundamentals to 1st receiver roles in the Backline Set-up. Enjoy!

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Part 6. Fundamentals of Attack Play 26:03 Member content

In this video Gregor focuses on developing key attack approaches and how practicing the fundamentals under pressure is critical.

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Part 7. Building a Backline - Staggered Approach 9:09 Member content

In this video, ex All Black and 2x World Cup winning coach Wayne Smith provides the key logic to successfully setup your backline on our latest ‘classic’ remix series.
How deep and how wide should your backs stand?
Without peer in his rugby knowledge, ability to easily articulate his message and build the best backlines in world rugby, Wayne Smith answers these important questions.

His initial focus was on Staggering the Departure.

Establish place combination between 9 and 10

Outside backs stagger their departure off the inside player

Establish your timing to move


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Part 8. Building your Backline Depth 13:00 Member content

What is the appropriate depth for your backline attack?

Building on the previous video Staggered Line, ex All Black and 2x world cup winning coach Wayne Smith demonstrates the effects of different backline depths.

A flatter line gives defences:

Less time to realign

Less space to recover

Cause them to be stressed and become sluggish

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Part 9. Offload and Continiuty 35:50 Member content

Offloading the ball is a skill that everyone in a team should have, not just backs. Continuity relies on the attack finding space, this means the attack finding space in the defence and trying to keep the ball alive.
A successful offload depends on having effective support runners. In this course, Successful Scotland coach Gregor Townsend shows you drills and games to help develop your players offloading skills, support running lines and decision making in this critical area if the game.

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Part 10. Back Moves 17:27 Member content

In this video, ex All Black and 2x World Cup winning coach Wayne Smith shows how build an understanding of what players should be looking for in attack, how to give really good feedback to the playmaker or director of the backline and create really effective back attack and moves.

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Part 11. Counter Attack 19:15 Member content

Counter attack dominates try scoring in the modern game, it needs to be coached.
In this video ex All Black and 2x World Cup winning coach Wayne Smith helps you grow your players understanding of how to counter attack off kick receipts.
What players should look for and how best to exploit the chasing defensive line.

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Part 12. Support Play 26:35 Member content

Ex All Black and 2x World Cup winning coach Wayne Smith as a coach finds support play hugely inspirational and motivational.
In this video he will show you the ways to get players involved with ball in hand and through effective positioning of players in support, give continuity to the game and an ability to play fifteen man rugby.

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Part 13. Wide Wide Attack: Integrating forwards into the attacking line 26:14 Member content

In this video, Ex All Black and 2x World Cup winning coach Wayne Smith looks at how we integrate forwards into the attacking line after a wide strike move.
The way defensive systems are in the modern game means we need to utilise forwards as attacking players.
He explains a simple structure that you can put into practice.

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Part 14. Introducing Set Piece Attack 0:10 Member content

This week, UK Rugby Site Manager Hamish Webb is back with some Attack Moves for junior rugby teams. Moves that the All Blacks and other international teams still use every week.

During our visit to London’s Hackney RFC Hamish introduced the U14 team to some simple Set Piece Attack moves that every team can use.

Focus on the 1st breakdown attack

Integrate forwards and backs into the move

Simplicity not complexity is key

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Duration 81:53
Topics Attack Youth Coaching
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Languages English

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Course reviews

Great attack play coaching drill to take from this video, involving players in the process ensuring they understand the purpose of the drill and improve their skills.

New Zealand

The attention to detail is very helpful!


I enjoyed the lesson as we normally are too shallow in the backline. Great exercise.

South Africa

I love the little details, like exactly when to start your run, and how deep or shallow to set the backline. Absolute gold! Thank you for this.


Awesome insight into some of the best mind’s in the game


A fantastic session conducted by absolute masters with disarming simplicity but with infinite competence


Really enjoyed tghis one as you can develop it more to bring in all different passes, switches, wrap etc.

South Africa

Cuando van a poner la traducción en español, esta serie es muy interesante Gracias


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