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2017 USA Coaching Clinic - Attack Strategies with Sir Graham Henry

Coaching clinic with ... All Black World Cup winning coach SIR GRAHAM HENRY.

Part 1. 2017 USA Coaching Clinic Promo   0:58 Free video

A rare opportunity to enjoy an evening or a rugby coaching session with one of Rugby's best ever coaches: All Black World Cup winning coach SIR GRAHAM HENRY.


Part 2. Coaching Clinic at Stanford University - Part 1, Strike 1 15:31 Free video

Watch Sir Graham Henry at Stanford University explain the attack game and decision making by the players. Enjoy! Play video

Part 3. Coaching Clinic at Stanford University - Part 2, Strike 2 13:21 Member content

In this video, Ted discusses attack options from the scrum. 80% of tries are scored from the set piece or within 2 phases. Watch and learn! Play video

Part 4. Coaching Clinic at Stanford University - Part 3, Strike 3 14:59 Member content

Ted continues his attack options discussion. This time the focus is on the breakdown attack options. Communication, knowing your role, and keeping it simple! Play video

Part 5. Coaching Clinic Ted's Perspective - Tip or Rip from Breakdown 9:59 Member content

Sir Graham Henry leaves the classroom, dons the Go Pro, and goes through his Strike 1 plays at Stanford University. Play video

Part 6. Coaching Clinic - Recap & decision making 13:20 Member content

In this video, we look at set piece, fitness, catch and pass, and skill improvement. Enjoy! Play video

Part 7. Coaching Clinic - Leadership & tools for decision making 10:19 Member content

Sir Graham is back in the classroom talking, rabbits, hands, worms, and long. What do they all mean? Watch his latest video to learn more! Play video

Part 8. Coaching Clinic - Ted's Perspective, The Pig 3:57 Member content

Watch Ted's latest video, which continues on from his coaching clinic, explaining The Pig. Enjoy! Play video

Part 9. Coaching Clinic - Afternoon Session 2 12:58 Member content

Watch Ted in this continuation of his afternoon session. Enjoy! Play video

Part 10. Coaching Clinic - Q&As 9:38 Member content

World cup winning ex All Black coach, Sir Graham Henry fields questions from coaches during his recent northern Californian clinic. Enjoy! Play video

Part 11. Q&A’s - Individual skills development 4:16 Member content

During his USA clinic at Stanford, Sir Graham was asked how he approached individual skill development. Watch now to learn more. Play video

Part 12. Q&A's - Learn from the hard times 2:15 Member content

Sir Graham Henry stays in the front of the room this week as he answers more questions from his Northern Californian clinic. Enjoy! Play video

Part 13. Chess Board stuff - keeping the defence guessing 3:30 Member content

This week Ted covers using the right people in the right positions. Enjoy! Play video

Part 14. Q&A's - Substitutions 6:05 Member content

Substitutions - when to use them and why? Watch Graham explain in this video. Enjoy! Play video

Part 15. Best Qualities & Improving as a Coach 7:10 Member content

Sir Graham Henry certainly changed and improved over his career. Find out what his keys and views are. Enjoy! Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15
Duration 128:56
Topics Attack Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches   Players   Others   Supporters and fans  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Loved it! Straight talking and easy to understand the concept being discussed.


oh.. brilliant! i,m preparing the final examination to become a coach for the youngs team, here in Italy. and this site , help me so much ,to promote a new mind form, in the future seniores players. and only God knows how much we need to change our game mentality—-(sic!)


Part 1 Strike 1 is a nice a clear breakdown of an initial attacking phase of play. Parts 2 & 3 are just ramblings involving numbers and arrows on a white board. There is very little to take away from these clips. You could easily narrow down the latter two strikes into a few concise points of emphasis without going on and on about the possibilities of every situation.


Gold. Rotating into coaching the backs for the first time in a while, this info is [ure gold for me!

New Zealand

Traducir !!


Great vision of the game, tks Sir


no hablo ingles y por ello no puedo entender lo que dicen porque no me aparece traducido el video


Subtitules sapnish


I really need a 2-4-2 tutorial from the basics. Specifically, how do the backs interface with the forwards?


please, translate in spanish


me gustaria que lo traduzcan al idioma español para comprenderlo mejor gracias.mi ingles es limitado.


Key points and aspects well explained as fundamentals of an attacking game plan.Great !

South Africa

A lot to be said about his sense of humour. Puts the players at ease and creates an enjoyable learning environment. Cheers Ted


This is the reason I pay my subscription – access to the master himself – more please


Graham Henry talks my language…good to hear it from the master.

South Africa

Still funny to see myself in the audience watching :)


Please translate in SPANISH we need so more this !!!


Hi there I’m Lionel .what a fantastic way of simplify coaching.I’ve learnt a he’ll of lot of paying attention to detail..and that very important.

South Africa

Hopefully some of the coaches at junior and school level will use these systems as it will help the players going forward into senior levels knowing what to do from an early age Simply effective systems cheers Ted

New Zealand

Excellent overview of attack. The clarity and simplicity of the ideas is superb.


Genius. Sums up the differences between the abs and the rest.


Ted your a ledgend. Luv your wit as only you can do

New Zealand

Excellent again Ted, keeping it simple. TQB OTG LQB KBA


Some of the key points…1. Get over the advantage line because of numbers and space. 2. Everyone is live in the attacking play. 3. One strike but many options. 4. Weak points are the 10 channel and outside the 13. 5. Run straight to fix defenders. Thanks for simplifying things Ted.

New Zealand

The Guru is back! More rugby wisdom please!


Excellent, please keep more of this session coming if possible


Great video, the master of rugby knowledge. best of all time.


Genial! Gracias Señor Henry.


Found it very useful for this Friday’s U14 session. The answer we hope to the difficult “teenage transition” from individual stars to collective threat.


briljant explanation!!


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