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The Chop Tackle to Isolate the Ball Carrier with Wayne Smith

Third in the series, Wayne Smith calls it the “Chop tackle” because it creates an image of achieving “chop down” to the ground really quickly. The aim is to isolate the ball carrier by driving them back in the tackle behind the gain line making it difficult for their support players to get back and clean out the breakdown.

Part 1. The Chop Tackle to Isolate a Ball Carrier   23:01 Member content

Low body tackles are a really good way to get the ball carrier to the ground quick. Wayne Smith shows us the best techniques and methods in order to do this well.

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Course Part 1
Duration 23:01
Topics Tackling Espanol
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español

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Course reviews

ottima tecnica e buona esecuzione…..


Its simple, this man enhanced my craft of coaching.. I forget more than I know, every noe and again i need to listen to the simplicity of intruction and to take a player from poingt A to B.. Smithy.. genius

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Excellent! Drills and information like this makes the game safer


Terrific, well explained. Impressed with the safety aspect.


Superb dissection and build up of the Chop Tackle from the master. The downloadable PDF is a great idea to take to the training ground .


great? Awesome to draw and learn from the mind of a “great coach”

New Zealand

Very useful, explained clearly, and well structured.

New Zealand

Really awesome training tackle skill…


Excellent session , certainly worth watching




Awesome… Solid clear instruction.


Wayne Smith is The coach of the 21st century…period. His method and innovative approach has no match! Excelent site as well


muy buen video ,me ayuda mucho


Siempre muy claros los objetivos, muy buenas las acotaciones e indicaciones , muy conceptuales y didácticas , con una excelente comunicación con los ejecutantes. Muy buen buen video muy claro.


Buen video , claro y conciso buena tecnica


Clear and concise presentation of attacking the gain line in defense. Shows the advantages to allow the defensive team to quickly put attacking team on the back foot.


superb and quality presented players love it.


I am Italian and I have difficulty to understand what you say in the movies, it would be useful to continue to put subtitles in Spanish but also in English. The movies are all interesting.


no lo puedo ver


Excellent visual reference for players about how small changes in their goals for a tackle can effect the outcome of the contact situation. Like the slow build-up also, as I coach mostly women’s sides, the slow build allows them to build their confidence.


Two good things for our U12s to take from it. One: they can build up gradually to more direct tackling which initially intimidates the majority of young players and Two: the Reason they should consider it worthwhile is to prevent the high temp rucking game from gaining momentum. 9/10 from a coaches point of view.


Nice work Smithy. Good detail. I have been coaching this technique here in Italy and picked up this technique in my Super Rugby days as a player


Another excellent module from Wayne, emphasising the important of dominating the gain line and good tackle technique. Thank you Wayne.


Great inspiration for our team’s defence. Advantage line useful reference.

New Zealand

Another fantastic coaching tool from Wayne, the explanations are simple and clear, hope I can interpret this and players will take up the subtle changes to their habits, in order to achieve a better results. It is the small things that help players to progress.


Very good. Reframed my take on the chop tackle. I’d seen it as simply getting the ball carrier to the deck as quickly as possible. Wayne Smith demonstrates that it’s all about winning the gain line. He demonstrates the techniques to do this, which are basically refinements of good tackle technique. 23 minutes very well spent.


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