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Tackle - Technical and Drills with Ben Herring

In this series, ex Rugby Site Manager and Otago rugby coach Ben Herring narrow down the skills of the tackle to their core components. With each video Ben builds them up to complete a tackle. Ben also provides some drills and a training plan.

Part 1. Pre-tackle Closing down the Space   3:53 Free video

Ex Rugby Site manager and Otago coach Ben Herring starts the series with one of the basics of the pre-tackle.


Part 2. Pre Tackle - Dictating Terms 4:54 Member content

Ben Herring moves into the tackle and discusses the concepts about how you can dictate the terms of a tackle as a defender. Important in effective and safe tackles. Play video

Part 3. Pre Tackle - Keeping Square 6:08 Member content

Ben Herring walks us through the values of staying square in the approach to a tackle. Important for getting in great tackling positions. Play video

Part 4. Tackle - Head on Correct Side 5:33 Member content

Getting your head on the correct side is the most important thing for making safe tackles. Ben walks us through some ways to teach this important element. Play video

Part 5. Tackle - Feet in Close & Shoulder on 4:02 Member content

Feet and shoulders are very important to make effective tackles. Ben Herring shows us how to do it well. Play video

Part 6. Tackle - All Elements 12:11 Member content

This is a comprehensive video showing 6 of the most important elements in the tackle. Ben puts all the tackle elements together in a new form. Play video

Part 7. Post Tackle Drill 6:34 Member content

After a tackle is made it is really important to get up quick and get back in the game. Ben Herring shows us some novel tricks to train this skill. Play video

Part 8. Tackle Primer Work - Getting in a good position 12:38 Member content

Hawkes Bay coach Josh Syms and his players at Hutt Old Boys Marist (Wellington), begin with primer drills to get your body in a good position for the tackle. Footwork, split stance, off the line, split the midline, strong and push. Play video

Part 9. Tackle (part 1 of 2) - Footwork to effect a good chop tackle 15:07 Member content

Hawkes Bay coach Josh Syms and his Hutt Old Boys Marist players move on from the primers and step into the tackle. It starts with the feet, finishes with the shoulders and arms and is all butt in between! Play video

Part 10. Tackle (part 2 of 2) - The punch through & bite 10:41 Member content

Josh progresses into securing the tackle and collapsing the player. No swimming into the tackle stay inside like a boxer. Play video

Part 11. Tackle Grip Detail - Indoor Training 8:51 Member content

Are the opposition players slipping your tackles? Ben Herring explains how to fix a grip on your tackle. Play video

Part 12. Tackle Shoulder On - Indoor Training 7:42 Member content

Ben Herring, tackles another rainy night at training with more Tackle drills. Ben and his Otago players have some fun with drills to get a better shoulder into the tackle. Play video

Part 13. Tackle Leg Drive - Indoor Training 10:21 Member content

Ben Herring, and his Otago players are 'Climbing up the Wall' with another wet evening in Dunedin. However Ben and his players make good use of their time by having fun working on their Tackle Leg Drive. Play video

Course Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13
Duration 107:55
Topics Tackling Youth Coaching
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English

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Course reviews

Hi guys is there anyway you can post double hit clips? Thank you.

South Africa

i really like what he is teaching.


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