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Attack off 9

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Video reviews

very interestig video! Good collective game idea!


Basic keys to attack: simple, clear but decisive. Another sacred monster coach.


Great warm-up drill.

South Africa

Very Clear!!


I have come back to this video time and again and like a good book, each visit I find new things or a new emphasis. Well done.


muy bueno


Extremely good! Marvelous camera position and shots; crystal clear commentary; every word is informative, every sentence packed with information. Bravo!


Simply brilliant




You can see why Japan have been doing well in Rwc 2015


Was Eddie a primary teacher in a past life ? Very clear coaching.


Good, informative. Easy to comprehend and allows understanding through simple visuals not complex verbiage. Adaptable for the resources you have in hand. Game savvy


Excellent! great tips in training, and atention to details


Vintage, Eddie Jones, both the videos of attacking off 9or10 are great to appreciate a pattern, using basic skills.


Great Video! Playing off 9 as important as playing off 10. I will be combining playing off 9 and 10 in my next practice. This is the standard of tuition we aspiring coaches need. Thankyou Eddie.


a Master of attacking play!

South Africa

I’ve really enjoyed Eddie’s videos so far, I like the way that he puts the onus on the talk of the players throughout the session.


Great infomation from Eddie Jones , his one of the best tactical couches around . this is simple drill , but very affective when the players get it right !

South Africa

One of the great minds of world rugby, passing on great teaching. This video is gold!

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

found this very helpful and started using it in the first practise, found the drop and pop pass warm up very good

New Zealand

Great video with some very good points . Why do we have to have a heavy metal backing track?? Please bear it in mind we are not all in our 20s. Keep up the great work.


Hi I just purchased the Eddie jones video.however when i use it on the app for some reason keeps freezing?


Is it possible to ask Eddie when he would use this? From second phase onwards or at selected times?

New Zealand

Interesting ideas presented in this video. Nice clear communication from Eddie

New Zealand

Great progression in these drills. Really like the version of touch,causing players to see space and make decisions under fatigue.Will be introducing some of this at tonights session!


Hi John, sorry to hear you are having issues. I have just sent you an email and hopefully we can get this fixed for you as soon as possible. Cheers, Chloe

New Zealand

I have just purchased the Eddie Jones latest video but it is frozen and only Eddie’s voice can be heard,there is nothing wrong with my sky connection,can you help please?.


Excellent video, because Eddie is talking to us the coaches explaining the why and how a move like this works and how we can make it work for our players. Thanks so much for this.


This provides some great options for your line. Some really great focus on the 9-10 connection and a great point at the end on reliance on skilled players vs building a system that sets up a smart team for success.


In this module I’ll take you through how to create shape and attack off 9, particularly for a side that doesn’t have a physical advantage. Starting in a game like situation encouraging players to identify attacking opportunities while under fatigue. I then focus specifically on the relationship between 9, 10 & 12, their communication and ability to exploit space.

Course Part 1, Part 2
Duration 22:35
Topics Coaches Corner Attack
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

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