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Fundamentals of Attack Play Courses

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Brilliant attention to detail on basic skills. Lots of young players often forget how important fundamentals are.


Love the emphasis on “the grab”. Great reminder of the basics for all levels.


Good basic stuff that reminds us how important the fundamentals are at all levels of rugby. Pity the video was only 25 minutes, whereas Mike Scron’s ‘Scrum Set’ video is twice that length.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Some very simple tips that are well explained and easy to pass onto players of all ages. I agree with Gregor’s premise that the best players can perform basic skills well under severe pressure. The only way to improve is perfect practise.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Nice video.


Good vid but shame there was no work on passing technique.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

The difference between the best players in the world is their ability to perform the basic skills under intense pressure. In this video I focus on developing catching, running onto the ball and passing skills. These are the attack fundamentals you have to do well to fix the best defences in the world.

Extras Includes a companion PDF
Duration 51:56
Topics Attack Espanol
Applicable to Coaches  
Languages English , Español

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