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TRS Session Plans

TRS Rugby Content Manager Ben Herring has developed a series of session plans to make your coaching role that much easier. These plans include:
Cleanout- Attack
Cleanout – Defence
Tackle – Individual
Defence- System (ruck)
Defence- Team (working together)
Attack- Individual skill, evasion, skill
Attack- Lineout
Attack- Scrum
Attack- general team
Counter attack
Continuity and support
Kickoff and kicking plays
Game speed and conditioning

The session plans are proving more popular by the week. What better way to create a practice session than have one created by the world’s best coaches and players for you!

Plan 13 – Game Speed and Conditioning

So you want to be fast, huh.
Join the club, oh wait, you are already part of the club, the TRS club. Well, in that case, click on the session plan link.
Its a little repeated speed blast that will get your players asking themselves, did I really need that second helping at lunch?

Block play

Plan 12 – Kickoffs and Kicking Plays

This session looks at getting all of your kicking options into one session, and it allows you to work on the indivdual kicking skill and then also how the rest of the team chases.

We get Sam Cordingley to go through the box kick detail, and Dan Carter to go through the punt kick detail. Then Craig Newby and Jen Kish take over and show the rest of the team how they chase the kick.

Block play

Plan 11 – Continuity and Support

As the Super Rugby season is all primed up and in full swing, we see the support and speed as the game continues to be ever present. This weeks session is aimed at getting your team to be able to play faster, and as Gregor Townsend says “avoid breakdowns at all costs”.

This session warms you up with Emilee Cherry running through the drill that has made the Australian Womens 7s team one of the fastest in the game. We hand over to Gregor Townsend and Wayne Smith, two dynamos of fast attractive rugby to share the art of continuity with us all. It’s a good fun session, you have some free licence to enjoy, get stuck in.

Block play

Plan 10 – Counter Attack

In this session plan we look at a session geared toward getting the best out of our counter attack. Counter attack is one of the best ways in attacking. Being able to read a staggered defensive line and turning unstructured play into structured quickley can transform your team.
Ben uses advice and drills from Wayne Smith, Leigh Halfpenny whilst using Jo Schmidt gets the team warmed up for handling under pressure. This session helps educate both players and coaches the theory and execution of some great counter attack practice..

Block play

Plan 9 – General Attack

General Attack is the focus of Ben’s session plan this week.
Ben has included some All Black coach Wayne Smith’s videos in this session along with Queensland Reds’s coach Matt O’Connor. Integrated attack with all players is core to today’s game. This is a session you will repeat more than once through the season.

Block play

Plan 8 – Attack off Scrum

In this week’s session plan Ben focuses on the Attack off the Scrum.
Ben has included some of the game’s best attacking coaches in Wayne Smith and Gregor Townsend in this session plan. Attacking off the scrum is one of the few areas in today’s game where you have space and low numbers in the defensive line.

Block play

Plan 7 – Attack – Individual skills

In this session Ben goes through a genuine skill session. These sessions are great because they can be used whenever you want and it is always applicable whatever the skill set of your team. Skills are the foundation of all sports so taking the opportunity to return to basics is always welcome by players.

Block play

Plan 6 – Defence Ruck

In this session Ben goes through the important parts of defending the ruck. From knowing what to look out for and how to execute, Ben recruits some expert knowledge from current players who are doing this ‘out on the field’.

Block play

Plan 5 – Defence Team

In this session Ben goes through some of the key components to defending as a team. He goes through some key points around line defence and gets some input from some top coaches we have on the site.

Block play

Plan 4 – Individual Tackle

In this week’s session plan Ben focuses on the Individual Tackle. Ben’s session covers Individual Tackle and he is joined by the likes of Graham Henry and Wayne Smith. You don’t get better coaches than these coaching legends.

Block play

Plan 3 – Cleanout Defence

This week’s session plan focuses on Cleanout Defence.
Ben prepares the session for you to develop Defence systems from the cleanout. The session references a number of TRS coach videos including Sam Warburton, Richie McCaw, Mike Cron and Graham Henry. A great coaching team to have on your side.

Block play

Plan 2 – Cleanout Attack

This week’s session plan focuses on the Cleanout Attack.
Ben prepares the session for you to develop Attack systems from ruck cleanout. The session references a number of TRS coach videos including Dan Carter, Leigh Halfpenney, Wayne Smith, Eddie Jones and Bismarck Du Plessis. A great lineup to have on your coaching team.

Block play

Plan 1 – Attack Off The Lineout

This week’s session plan focuses on Attack off the Lineout.
Ben prepares the session for you to develop Attack systems from Lineouts. The session references a number of TRS coaching videos including Wayne Smith, Eddie Jones and Josef Schmidt. A great lineup to have on your coaching team.

Block play

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After retirement from his professional playing career (Highlanders, Hurricanes and Leicester Tigers) in 2009 Herring was employed as assistant coach at the European giant Leicester Tigers. He worked as a skills coach as well as contact specialist for two seasons, with over 60 games in a coaching capacity, including Heineken cup Semi finals and Premiership victories. In 2011 Herring was signed for the long standing Japanese top league side, NEC Green Rockets, as forwards and defence coach. He joined former Blues Head coach Greg Cooper. In his first season they finished in third place, their highest finish in the top league in recent history. In 2013 Herring became an international coach with the Canadian 15s and 7s teams. Ben is now head coach of Otago Rugby.

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