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Video reviews

Great video, really simple. I like how Victor allows the boys to do it there way and then adjusts their technique. Too often there is no dialogue between the coach and player.


Easy to there any more lineout videos that will be uploaded soon?

New Zealand

Ive worked with Vic in Toulon and great to see he still does the basics simple . great video


Technique is key here. Victor runs through the basic mechanical movements and skills needed to run an efficient lineout. Fantastic video.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

En un ejercicio un jugador invade la zona del line, esto es una accion que algunos referis cobran. In one exercise a players invaided the line zone, this may be an infration.


Excellent video, Basic but enough information to improve our lineout.


It’s just answered some questions about dummy options. Excellent info.


Great lineout technique in this video. Very clear, very simple.

New Zealand

This is a really great base to build from for lineouts. It really focuses on lineout movement. It would be awesome to see one for coaching the bare basics of throwing and lifting to the advanced ideas for 3 and 5 man lineouts, ect. I’d also really like to see one for building a maul off the lineout. Phenomenal jumping technique training here though…


Great, cannot wait to work through this with my players


Loved this. Clear and concise instructon.


Outstanding! Real insight & quality coaching points. A valuable progression would be to see Victor’s principles in a contested session so DM can be critiqued. Thank you!


Basic but brilliant, simple can’t wait to try it out in the next session


This video is truly the simplest to comprehend and Victor facilitates the basic principles recommended for technical lineouts…looking forward to the next one.


Victor Matfield shares with you the technical and tactical lineout skills he has developed over his playing and coaching career. “The most important thing in a lineout is that you do your basics right and then its like a chess game, when do you make what call”

Extras Includes a companion PDF
Duration 22:21
Topics Set Piece
Languages English , Español