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Castro Scrum I: Individual Power Position

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Video reviews

This is actually a fantastic follow up to Mike Cron’s intro stuff for scrums on the machine and the set up. Pairing the three together makes for a killer session. Cron really puts them in that great position and Martin gives them the power and endurance of power.


This is excellent for coaches at all levels but particularly those who are relatively new to the forward game.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Tried it out with my 11 year old forwards in the weekend. Definitely sorted out some curved back issues. Would like to see some technical vids concerned with co-ordinating the halfback with the hooker when ball is placed into scrum.

New Zealand

Great introduction to scrummaging position and great to see scrummaging getting some exposure.

Really emphasises strong position in a way that is good for young players but also for experienced players. Looking forward to more technical videos in this area.


“Don’t try to be comfortable, because in the scrum you don’t need to be comfortable.” This is not just a module for front rowers, it’s for all players in the scrum. Castro, one of the most respected scrummagers in rugby, takes you through his power position checklist. Sharing with you safest and most effective pushing position for every individual in the scrum to generate maximum force.

Duration 09:44
Topics Set Piece
Languages English , Español