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The Spiral & Drop Punt

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I am a coach of 3rd level, I’ve never been very good at kicking when I played: With your movies I can better learn the different types of football and then, I hope, be able to teach something to my kids (The spiral and drop punt) .


Very helpful thanks but second the suggestion re higher frame rate slow motion. More clarity re impact point on the foot for the spiral would be useful and while the impact point on the foot is clearly demonstrated for the drop punt, the impact point on the ball could be clearer.


I’d like to see some more points on accuracy, but very helpful.


higher frame rate slow motion and views from above would provide a lot more info.



New Zealand

Solid tecnique and great demonstration on key area to strike the ball so often you here people complaining that they strike the ball with thier toes etc but simple follow through, ball controll and positioning can prevent this.

New Zealand

muy buena la practica la técnica se aplica a los diestro ?


great advice and well set out


Thanks Dan helpful

New Zealand

very helpfull

South Africa

great advice DC

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

There is nothing better than unleashing a long raking spiral punt. In this video I’ll take you through my technique checklist for the spiral and the drop punt and the factors that influence and dictate which punt I choose.

Duration 12:26
Topics Kicking Attack Defence
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español