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Place Kicking

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Video reviews

A very good clear insight into your technique and thought process Dan. It will be fairly simple to adapt for a righty. Awesome!!

New Zealand

Kia ora DC, much appreciated! Waiuku U11s

New Zealand

great video :) keep your core tight if your not that coordinated. i find it helps keep me straight sometimes.


Thanks Dan And The Rugby Site This Has Helped Me So So Much

New Zealand

A really great video from a legendary player but here are a couple of suggestions for how it could have been better, for us at least.

First it would be good if Dan had talked more about what can go wrong, point out a few common mistakes kickers make and demonstrate each with an actual example. The idea is this gives kickers a way to understand their problems during those long practice sessions when the going gets hard.

Secondly it would be awesome for right footed kickers if there could be an ‘inverted’ version of this video – one which is identical to the one already made, but where each frame is swapped left for right. We would then see Dan kicking as if he were a right footed kicker (not the same as him kicking with HIS right foot, you understand). So much is learned by kids from looking at the body movements of the top players and the will and ability to copy them is so great, that I think this would be a real help. Dan wouldn’t then need to talk about ‘mirroring’ – the user can simply select the video that is relevant to them.

Thanks, Gavin and (son) Jack

New Zealand

What if the valves isn’t on the seam?


Great Video – clear instructions and good useful tips :-)

New Zealand

Great video. Its only a shame Dan Carter plays for New Zealand and not Australia.


thanks Dan


I was forced into the position of place kicking. I’ve never been able to do it right or figure out the mechanics of it. After watching this, I’m seeing the ball go further with the same amount or less force. I can’t thank you enough for this video. Keep up the amazing work Dan!


Great Video, dan

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Great Video, Thanks Dan!


I thought this was a very good and clear explanation of the kicking technique from the master. It would be good to hear from Dan just how much time he thinks young aspiring kickers should be putting in each week and also the extent to which he alters his (aiming) for bad weather conditions and extra long kicks. Overall a very worthwhile purchase.


In this video I’ll take you through the physical and mental techniques I use to be an effective goal kicker. Goal kicking is a big part of my game that requires a lot of time, dedication and sacrifice. It’s taken years of practice, but I love what I do and I hope sharing this information with you helps your game.

Duration 10:12
Topics Kicking Attack
Languages English , Español