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Tackling & Tracking

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Video reviews

Wayne is a master at simplifying his ideas. Easy to follow instructions and he never has to tell the players twice.

New Zealand

muy bueno la progresion es perfecta


No me deja verlo en castellano… se podra solucionar???


Have always been a big fan of Wayne Smith love the way he gives intruction very informative and all his activities are game orintated just like him heaps the whole site is great.


Great exercise, I use the tackling square drills very frequently for under 16s and progress to 2 v 2 etc full contact. We also do each guy has to tackle each man in turn keep a score and call it the “Top Gun” trophy, not sure they all get the reference (showing my age) but they love the game and all want to be the guy with the most tackles.


This works really well

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Excellent video… good idea for progression from minimal contact to full. Will try this for sure.


muy buen material para trabajar con menores



New Zealand

great video really enjoy it..thanks.


Excellent video. I learned a lot. Can’t wait for the next video


really enjoy it…thanks.


Very Good…the ablity to interact at different levels is higlighted especially with the youner generation. Humour, cheek, excitement, are some examples of how Sir Graham achieves this…

New Zealand

Excellent and clear, it helps me in my coaching sessions with my U15 and U17.


It is a privilege to see videos like this of Sir Graham. Definitely a rugby god.


thank you Sir Graham, you even smiled a couple of times.


Thank you for your magistral class Mr. Henry.




Beautiful feet tight elbows elevated hands Bulls Eyes!!!!…nice Sir coach!

New Zealand

excellent Sir Graham


Excellent and clear. he may make it as a coach someday!


Will definitely use this drill to aid the tackling technique, tracking is all important especially keeping the feet alive! Fantastic


great info.basic but still applies at any level

New Zealand

Execellent video!!! great content but mainly great communication!!!


Very good!

New Zealand

thoroughly enjoyed it – thank you Sir!


Great video, been using with our Under 9s for the last two week. They actually cheered on Sunday when I said we were doing it again and more importantly it has really helped their confidence in their first year of contact rugby.


Great basic technique, good communication, constant appraisals along with player q and a getting the players involved. Along with 3 basic drills that can be used at all age levels


I learnt a lot from this video, mostly about coaching the right body position for tracking and tackling. It was disappointing that no full tackle was shown though. I sympathize for not wanting to bring in too much physicality before a game but it would have added a lot.


Excelente. La sencillez de la explicación, la claridad de los conceptos y la garantía que da verlo a Henry entrenando el tackle nos ofrecen la clave para elevar el nivel de nuestros equipos. Un 10.


Excellent guidance from the guru – has helped plan my coaching on this – recommend

New Zealand

Every top team has a top defence. If you’re not a good defensive team, you won’t win championships. Tackle technique is the key. I break this down into two components: tracking and tackling. This video takes you through the activities I use to develop individual tackle technique, the foundations of good defence and a winning team.

Extras Includes a companion PDF
Duration 27:53
Topics Defence Tackling
Languages English , Español