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Tackle Technique

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Video reviews

Great video for teaching the importance of leg drive through the tackle and also for the tackler to quickly regain their feet and immediately begin the ruck contest by trying to drive beyond the ball.


Awesome!! Very clear instructions and demonstrated technique

New Zealand

Excellent. Substantial length, broad coverage (tackle, post-tackle, breakdown), logical organization, clear statement of principles, very effective demonstrations. And yes, he says chop your feet, not chock them. Well done. Very helpful video.


I think he means shorten your steps so they are “choppy”. Just looks like that because he is standing still trying not to kill the little guys. It’s tough to talk your way through a demonstration… thinking and talking at the same time has never been the strength of the forwards.


Theres always more than one way to do things I guess.

New Zealand

“Choc your feet” seems to contradict Graham Henry’s tracking and tackling video, where he advocates “keeping your feet alive”.


“I love defending and putting in big hits, but you have to understand that the safest technique is also the best technique.” In this video Courtney Lawes takes you through the tackling technique that works for him. From the importance of foot placement in generate force through to being comfortable using both left and right shoulders and of course head placement for safety.

Duration 13:24
Topics Defence Breakdown Tackling
Applicable to Coaches   Players  
Languages English , Español