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One on One Defence

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Video reviews

Great technique, :-)


While it focuses on just one technique for tackling, it’s incredibly useful for how to use that one technique. As a smaller player myself I’ve watched it a few times and used the technique this weekend on player twice my size who tried to fend me off, needless to say he was quite shocked when he was on the ground and was turning over the ball. Thanks for the technique.




It’s short. And it’s really about just one technique: Shane’s preferred method for tackling runners who use the fending arm (as well as getting into position post-tackle). But that technique is helpful and is well illustrated in the practice examples.


Great video,tackling an attacker that has a good fend is very hard for some young players, I will definitely use Shane’s video for my U13s teams.


I give away about 4 or 5 stone to some of the bigger wingers I play against. In this module I’ll share with you the tackling technique that has worked for me over 11 years of international rugby. Showing you how to use an attackers momentum to bring them to the ground, stay on top of them and execute turnovers.

Duration 07:17
Topics Defence Breakdown Tackling
Languages English , Español